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Why Mitch Leyor Boxer Shorts Are Quickly Becoming a Cult-Favorite Among Young Men

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A new line of boxer shorts is already stirring up excitement among young men. The MITCH LEYOR debut collection of boxer shorts was created by influencer Mitchell Royel. With select styles already available to purchase, MITCH LEYOR’s new high-quality designs are colorful and cartoonish, yet masculine at the same time. Men across the globe are already gravitating toward this unique look.

Another special reason why men are gravitating toward the new collection is because of the company’s inspirational message. Mitchell wanted to create more than a foundational piece of attire; he wanted to help young men feel better about their foundation. It was after Mitchell believed he heard an inspirational message from the voice of God during a Bible study that he was compelled to create this new faith-based company. This is why the tagline for the new line is “BOXERS FOR SAINTS: We create high quality foundational apparel for spirited young men.”

Mitchell Royel is also the creator of the ELIXIR by Royel digital magazine. The popular magazine is a noncommercial and handmade compilation of recycled photos and themed open letters from young tastemakers around the world.

Mitchell claims that the voice of God spoke to him through the humble pleas of King David in 2 Samuel 7:18, “Then King David went in and sat before the Lord and said, ‘Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?’” In the chapter before this, David had embarrassed his wife by dancing in his linen ephod. A common misconception is that he was dancing in his undergarments, but in historical context, ephod would have meant priestly attire. But David chose to take off his royal garments as he danced and praised God, not letting what anyone else thought about his appearance come between his relationship with God.

Mitchell contemplated the humble beginnings of David and his eventual high ranking as king – someone who still chose to put aside his riches to humble himself before the Lord. Then Mitchell reflected on the very foundation of all garments, and he found that there was a remarkable gap in the market for foundational apparel for spirited young men. As a young professional himself, Mitchell was inspired in that moment to launch a collection of men’s boxer shorts with the belief that at the foundation of every man is a plan from God, a testimony of His will on this earth.
“When God calls someone to do something, it is usually the least expected thing in the least expected way,” explained Mitchell Royel, CEO of MITCH LEYOR, “I am so proud of the collection that God inspired me to make, and I am so proud of the brand ambassadors who had faith in the mission of the brand before anything tangible was produced.”

If you’re interested in why this new collection of boxer shorts are all the rage, visit the and browse select styles. MITCH LEYOR is also on Instagram @mitch_leyor.


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