8 Online Sneaker Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The global sneaker market is projected to hit the 120 billion dollar mark by 2026.

Sneakers have evolved to become legends in their own right. From by far the most prominent symbol of sporting footwear to becoming a global icon and fashion statement. There’s been no other metamorphosis like this.

If you like many, have a soft spot for sneakers, there are many outlets across the US where you can purchase them. Online stores have made shopping easier and convenient. However, buying sneakers online has its challenges.

Online sneaker shopping mistakes have left many people frustrated. In this article, we’re going to discuss eight mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

Read on and find out.

  1. Compromising On the Shoe Size

There’s nothing more frustrating when shopping for sneakers, like identifying a perfect sneaker for you and only missing out on size. It might be tempting to compromise and go for the closest size available; after all, what difference can an inch make? Huge, very huge difference, don’t compromise on the size.

Many issues may arise when you buy a shoe that’s not a perfect fit for you. A wrong sneaker size can have long-term consequences for your posture, back, and feet. Furthermore, a size that is too small will wear out more quickly than the correct fit.

Consider having your feet sized to ensure you always get the perfect fit for you. Also, it will save you money as the correct fit won’t wear out quickly.

A Nike Air Max guide will go a long way to ensure you get the perfect fit when shopping for Nike Air Max.

  1. Falling For The Sales Person Suggestion

There must be something with all salespeople that makes them very convincing and irresistible to say no to. With sneakers being so tempting, salespersons will have a field day with unsuspecting buyers.

However, they are there for a reason, they are more knowledgeable about the shoes than you, and their advice may be worth it. While they may have your best interests at heart, don’t forget that they are working and have to make a living.

To ensure you don’t fall for their charm and end up buying the shoe that you don’t need, do your due diligence first.

  1. Images of The Sneakers

One thing about online shopping is that shoppers rely on product images. If the product is visually enticing, chances are it will sell fast. This has seen online stores invest in high-resolution photography to give their customers quality images of the product.

Therefore, it’s paramount that you purchase from online sneaker stores with large and clear images. Be wary of sites that have blurry and sketchy images. You might get duped into buying knock-offs or sneakers of substandard quality.

Make a point of visiting the sites of particular brands or affiliated with those brands—they most likely stock quality products.

  1. Online Customer Reviews

Reviews are one great way to learn more about a product. Clients who have had first-hand experience with the product offer their personal and honest opinion. It’s no different when it comes to sneakers, people who bought the pair before you will give their insights, which may affect your decision.

Keep an eye and also analyze how they interact with the product. Check out what people are saying about the quality, durability, color, and brand. Don’t buy things with a poor rating. Customers can also upload photographs of the items they purchased.

To make an informed conclusion, look over the photos section as well. These photographs have less effects and filters than the ones on the website, and you can see how they seem in real life.

  1. Choosing The Wrong Site

Perhaps the most significant positive impact that came with COVID 19 was the migration of business to online. Big and small businesses alike have leveraged the internet to sell their products. The sad reality, however, is that unscrupulous people have also joined the online bandwagon.

Ensure you choose the best site to make your sneaker purchases. Go for brands and sites that seem legit. Exercise utmost care to avoid becoming a victim of online fraudsters posing as online sellers.

Do a detailed background search on the site you’re considering and find out what other customers say about it. Chances are, if the site has glowing reviews, it’s a legit business. Runaway and don’t look back if you see a site that clients are only complaining.

  1. Foregoing the Intended Use for Style

Many people often make this mistake while buying sneakers. The truth is, sneakers are different, and their uses and purpose vary. For example, you’re looking to buy sneakers for running; however, you come across a gorgeous and trendy sneaker that isn’t for running, and you end purchasing it instead.

Have a purpose and try to stick to it when shopping for sneakers online.

  1. Rushing The Process

Whatever you do, never rush the buying process when in the market for sneakers. Take your time, research the type and model you want and how much you expect to pay for it. With a rushed buying process, you increase the chances of making a mistake.

Visit several sites comparing sneaker prices and settle with the one you can afford.

  1. Return Policy

Another common mistake is that people always forget to ask what’s the site’s return policy is before committing. Say you make a purchase, and by mistake, they send you a sneaker with a defect. What do you do now?

Always ensure you understand the return policy of the store before you make a purchase. You don’t want to get stuck with a defective sneaker.

Avoid These Online Sneaker Shopping Mistakes

There’s no denying how convenient and amazing online shopping is. Identify and avoid the above-discussed online sneaker shopping mistakes to ensure you have a smooth online shopping experience.

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