Last-Minute Christmas Ideas

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Christmas is approaching and it’s approaching way too quickly. While it’s nice to be thoughtful sometimes life gets in the way and you have to go with plan B.

So what is plan B you may ask? Well, those are presents that’ll still get used and be appreciated but don’t require you to spend ages searching for that ‘right’ gift.

Despite being less personalised, they still show you care and won’t be tossed away or re-gifted for a January birthday.

These gifts are also great for those folk who seem to have everything, as they divulge from the norm of scarves and socks.

Here are just 5 gifts that are as useful as they are kind, and as an added bonus, they can often be picked up on a budget.

Board Games

There is a board game that’s tailored to just about every niche interest, from American football to cosmic horror.

Go online, type in what your loved one loves followed by ‘board game’ and you’ll be sure to find something.

As the board game is not only a fun activity but also tailored to their interest, they’ll no doubt be keen to give it a go, getting at least one fun evening out of your gift but likely many more.


Again, from sloths to cars, there is a calendar for everyone. With the year’s end creeping up it’s a nice and practical gift to give.

It’s a great way to show that you know about your loved ones and their sense of humour or passions.

As an added bonus, it’s a fairly cost-effective gift that always goes down well, so it’s perfect for more distant family members.


Worried that your loved one won’t get any use out of your present? Make it a one-off experience.

This can be anything from a spa to a meal to a race car experience day, so again it’s super tailorable.

If you’re on a budget, you can get a discount coupon for the experience instead of the whole experience itself.

Mystery Boxes

Now, this one is fantastic for book lovers, you can get them a subscription to a mystery book box.

This can be 3 months, six months, or even a year-long, and your loved one will receive up to 5 mystery books in a fun package. You can tailor it to genres that they love, too.

Mystery boxes don’t just have to have books in them, they can be really fun for those who have interests such as crafting, hair & makeup and much more.

Boozy Gifts

Another one that you can’t go wrong with is a boozy gift, whether that’s a bottle itself or maybe something a little different such as a tasting kit.

If they have a preferred drink, there’s even merch that you can buy, believe it or not, a humorous way to let your loved one know that you know them.

Lots of beer brands have full gift sections, like Innis & Gunn, so if you know their preferred brand, check out the site and see if there’s something that they may get a laugh and some use out of.



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