3 Unique Health Problems Only MEN Face

As men we don’t like to talk about our health problems.

There are a myriad of reasons for this but the main ones are very stereotypical. These are reasons like, because we think it makes us look weak, we don’t want to bother those around us with our burdens and we don’t want to talk about embarrassing subjects. However, more and more men are waking up to the fact that society has already accepted they have unique health problems and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We can see this through various campaigns such as #ProstateCaner and #InternationalMensDay movements online. But what about in the real world, what can you do for yourself?

The embarrassing bit

Perhaps the most embarrassing subject is our prostate. This is the most common cancer that mainly only attacks men. For women’s unique cancer, it is breast cancer. For us, it’s something that is unseen and rarely felt; except when we go to the bathroom. If you are passing blood in your stool, then you need to pay close attention to this warning sign. Passing blood is due to the veins or tissue in your prostate having ruptured and blood leaking into your small intestine. If you can feel with your fingers that you have a puffy or swollen prostate, this is another sign. The general rule is that when you have these signs, you either need to lose weight, exercise more or add more fiber into your diet. However, if you’re over 50, it’s about time you get regular prostate checkups.

Feel your boys

The other common cancer that men only get is of course testicular cancer. It’s about time that you start to really feel your boys. The best place to do this is during a shower. The shower will make the testicles hang low in an attempt to lose some of the heat. This provides a great opportunity to cup, gently squeeze and move your fingers over your testes. If you can feel a lump or bump, and it seems hard, then you need to get a checkup immediately. These medical services cover men’s health specifics. They have a history of treating men for unique men’s health concerns. They are professional and they know how embarrassed you might be so they put you at ease first. Then they will provide an expert opinion of what is going on.

Mental health

Mental health is by no means unique to men. But there are certain types of mental health concerns that are more common among men. Men are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to forget or get past their problems, in their minds. This can lead to obvious consequences of poor health, bad social life and inward depression. If you feel concerned that your mental health is spiraling out of control, you have to tell your doctor. Many people don’t know who to turn to but your doctor is the first person who will listen and do something to help you.

Men, we need to start looking out for ourselves. No more of this macho man routine, cancer doesn’t care about our bravery. Let’s take a more proactive approach to our own well being.


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