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Should You Get an Australian Shepherd for Your Kids?

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If a breed could be called an (almost) ideal pet, that honor could go to the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are intelligent, hardworking, and versatile and show off in full glory when their minds and energy are well utilized.

Although the original purpose, as working dogs, was to keep sheep, the Australian Shepherds have become very accustomed to a modern way of life. The point is to keep them busy, both mentally and mentally. These pups have inexhaustible energy that needs to be directed in the right direction.

Today, you don’t have to have a flock of sheep for your pet to show off in full glory. The Australian Shepherds can ‘herd’ their humans and enjoy spacious yards. But many worry about how suitable this breed is for kids.

Sure, active dogs can sometimes be clumsy with kids and make some unintentional mishaps. But Australian Shepherds are one of the most loving pups in the world. If you train them well, you can rest assured that Aussies will be the best protectors and play buddies for the youngest ones.

On the page below, see the list of reasons why your kids should have pets while growing up: 

Good Nature

Have you ever seen an Australian Shepherd guarding a flock of sheep and having that ‘I’m the boss’ attitude? Looking at this scene, you may think that this breed is too bossy and strict. You’re partly right because, like any working dog, the Aussie has to be professional when on duty.

But when surrounded by children, the true nature of the Australian Shepherds comes to light. These dogs can be excellent pets because they are loyal, gentle, patient, and very loving. Your youngest ones will be safe and protected when around this breed.

But you have to train Aussies not to look at kids as just another sheep herd. They need training and early socialization to learn that chasing and biting kids are not allowed. Once they learn that lesson, the Australian Shepherds become lovely pets for a family with children.

High Tolerance

Not too many breeds have the energy and patience like an Australian Shepherd. Due to the friendly and playful nature, Aussies can be enjoyable for kids. They can run, jump, and roll over all day long. But there are some points you need to take note of.

If you are planning to buy an Aussie, one of the first things you need to consider is the age of your kids. The youngest ones can sometimes be inattentive to dogs. Australian Shepherds can be very tolerant of this misbehaving. But you should not test your pet’s patience in this way.

Instead, teach your children how to treat animals. Be sure that the Aussies will respond to their attention and care at least twice. Most kids will willingly take care of their pups. Still, it’s best if the parents are around to guide the Australian Shepherd to behave well, at least for the first time.

Non-Aggressive Breed

Every responsible parent should think twice before getting a pet. As seen on this link, many items need to be considered in order to find a species that suits your living conditions. If you want a dog that will be a play buddy for your children, something to be informed about is the breed’s tendency towards aggression.

Considering the heritage of Australian Shepherds as working dogs, you may think the aggression is inscribed in the genetic code. The truth is different. These working dogs are generally not hostile. It’s fairly easy to establish control over them if you set yourself up like a leader.

In rare cases, aggressive behavior of the Aussie dogs may be encouraged because of their lack of training. Also, these dogs can act aggressively toward other animals if they are not well socialized. So, make sure you’re fully aware of how to train and control an Australian Shepherd before getting one.

Highly-Energetic Pups

The Australian Shepherd can be a very loyal companion to kids. As such, they would make great pets if your youngest ones were restless and spend hours playing and running around.

As every working dog breed, the Aussies are very active. They are eager to play and explore new things. However, you need to keep in mind that these pups are very energetic, so it would be best to exercise them as often as possible. This way, you can ensure your Aussie’s well-being and keep your kids’ playtime fun and enjoyable.

Few Tips for Owners

Australian Shepherds are suitable for people and families with high activity levels. So whether you’re physically active or work anything that involves moving and being outside, Aussies will be happy to be around. But if you live a sedentary lifestyle, Australian Shepherds just won’t fit in it.

These dogs can get agitated with too much loud noise. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, it would be best to supervise them when playing with kids. As for other animals, Aussies usually don’t have problems accepting them due to their friendly nature.

Also, these middle-sized dogs have certain grooming requirements. Especially black Australian Shepherd needs regular brushing and bathing. As for activity level, you can consider this breed high-maintenance, as Aussies must be kept busy all the time. 

Australian Shepherds can be great pets for people who can keep up with their energy.  If you think of getting one of these for your youngsters, make sure they know how to treat these pups. These easy-going and well-natured dogs will make your life better and more exciting.


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