Hollywood Attractions for All Ages

A district that lies within the city of Los Angeles in California, Hollywood, is the birthplace of the great American film industry that produces images of glamour, richness, and stardom. Before it became one of the many tourist attraction in the world, the area has its humble beginnings as a small rural community and progressed into a diverse, thriving metropolis where stars were born, and dreams and fantasies become a reality.

Nestor Company, which was established by the New Jersey-based Centaur Company, was the first studio in Hollywood in October 1911 located at Sunset Boulevard. Hollywood is a perfect place to create films having various landscapes ideal for backdrops of movies, and it also has predictable sunny weather.

The place has a wide variety of tourist attractions open for all ages; cultural museums, theme parks, celebrities, and a lot more things to do Tourists enjoy every sighting while experiencing glamour and excitement to every destination they’re going.


Crowd-Pleaser Hollywood

Known for having plenty of must-visit attractions, Hollywood can be your next plan for celebrating your vacation.

Walk of Fame

One of the attractions in Hollywood located along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street and names of most recognized faces in Hollywood are represented in the pavement by bronze-rimmed stars. Honoraries include popular actors, directors, musicians, personalities, and others from the fields of movie pictures, recordings, televisions, and theaters. There are approximately 2,500 stars on the sidewalks today, and the star symbol is still being added, announcing new nominees every June. There is also much local cannabis dispensary available nearby that many people seem to visit.

Hollywood Sign

You can take photos of the famous hillside Hollywood sign from Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue. Perhaps the most iconic site in Hollywood is the Hollywood sign, and it is visible from several viewpoints during the day when the sky is clear, but this can be a rare occurrence. One of the many available spots to see the sign and take a picture is from the viewing bridges at the Hollywood & Highland complex right next to the Chinese Theater.

Universal Studios Hollywood

This park is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Hollywood for families. A theme park, working studio, and a restaurant and shop area called the Universal City Walk, all in one place located inside Universal Studios.

Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, complete with Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Hogsmeade, is one of the most popular areas of the theme park, where even Muggles can fully embrace magic. The park also offers a Universal Studio Tour, the most exciting aspect, a must-do for film lovers. Here, visitors can take a trip behind the camera and see what’s going on in making a Hollywood movie.  The Fast & Furious world was the final destination of the tour where tourists can feel the heat of explosions and the thrill of action.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

The only active urban Ice Age excavation site in the world located in the heart of Los Angeles, the museum displays best fossils, animals-mammals, terrible wolves, and mammoths. The museum, located within Hancock Park, easily identified by the inhabitants of prehistoric animal life-size replicas. However, visitors can also witness the paleontology process. Every day, scientists and volunteers prepare fossils within the glass-enclosed Fossil Lab, including a male Columbian mammoth recently discovered named “Zed.”

Griffith Observatory

Located on a hill overlooking Griffith Park, the view here is impressive, especially when Los Angeles twinkles below at night. The horizon is often less blurred by the light and the city’s thick air due to its high area. The observatory is home to a wide range of telescopes, planetarium, and exhibits. The planetarium is offering night sky shows and a wide range of presentations and educational programs all through the year. The Zeiss telescope, a historic 12-inch refracting telescope is open to public use where visitors use it to view stars.

The Hollywood Bowl

An outdoor music festival area set in a natural amphitheater, hosting performers from all over the world for over 100 years. The Hollywood Bowl has been Southern California’s leading live music destination since its inauguration in 1922, organizing everyone from Billie Holiday to the Beatles to Yo-Yo Ma under the iconic silhouette of its concentrate-arched band shell. People come here not just about the fantastic bowling but, with so much great entertainment under one dome, including delicious food and drinks,  the crowd is enjoying the good times.

Tourists can also visit the Bowl Museum in Hollywood, a place where musically inclined people can learn more about this landmark.

A neighborhood within Los Angeles, California, Hollywood brings so much fun and mystique attractions to people most notably to the tourists. Hollywood movies have become a vital part of every culture, and it is most known for its iconic film industry and studios. It is a place suitable for all ages, with so many exciting places to explore and enjoy.


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