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80 days no more. How about getting Around the World In 80 Hours instead?

Sailun Tires

Remember all those super long novels we had to read in high school, like Around The World In Eighty Days? A lot of us probably ended up wondering if such a thing was actually possible. 

Well, our friends at Betway say that it’s not only totally doable but it can be done in just 80 hours! We know that sounds crazy, but hear us out. Their new interactive guide titled Around The World In 80 Hours shows the different transport options available to make this travel expedition a reality. You get to pick how you want to travel; whether it’s by car, train, plane or boat. The choice is all yours to make, which is another great feature about this. 

No matter the choice, there are 8 legs of the journey to complete if you want to follow the same path taken by the novel’s main character Phileas Fogg. The map is also a cool creative guide for those of you looking for new ways to see the world. Have we gotten you excited yet? 

To make your life easier, you can see the whole journey mapped out from start to finish with even the duration listed to and from each place. You know what that means; you get to customize and create a schedule with exact timings in mind. With busy timetables part of everyday life, we definitely don’t need travel plans to be stressful too. 

Did we mention that the guide also says the number of days it would take for the whole journey to be completed? That should help when it comes to telling the boss the amount of vacation days you need. With the platform’s visual and interactivity features, planning for a voyage has never been so fun. 

In partnership with: Betway


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