5 Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Travel

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There’s no better sense of freedom than when you’re traveling on a motorcycle. It’s definitely one of the pleasures that everyone should experience in their life if given the chance. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can afford a thing like that, all you have to do is to make a good plan.

If you decide to make such a trip, it’s essential that you know that the itinerary is as important as the preparation. Here are a few things you should know about motorcycle travel before you decide to go on one.


If you decide to take a long motorcycle trip, you might think that your motorcycle is not exactly for that kind of ride. You could say you’re partially right. It’s pretty clear that the ride will be more comfortable for those who ride the Gold Wing than for those who ride naked bikes. But, with a good plan, all it takes is that your motorcycle is technically correct. Make an itinerary according to your abilities and capabilities and everything else will come to place.


What you must do is find a good mechanic to take a look at your motorcycle. The mechanic needs to check your tires and everything else on your bike. For example, it’s important that the chain is greased, that it’s clean and properly tightened. Check the sprocket and whether the gears are crooked, and in addition to that, check the belts, throttle, and brake cables. Also, the mechanic needs to check that all the fluids are charged and that the filters are clean. You can do a lot of this by yourself, but it’s always better to seek the opinion of a professional.


It is obvious that there’s not a lot of space on a motorcycle. You have to give up many things and bring only what’s necessary. So pack as little clothes as you can, but keep in mind that the weather can be tricky. Bringing a rain outfit is always a good idea. Don’t go anywhere without a basic tool for your motorcycle. You should also keep the water package available to you at all times. For this reason, buying a hydration pack is a smart thing. It’s always a good thing to bring some sunscreen as well.


The plan should be made according to your needs and your capabilities for the long ride. Remember this journey needs to be enjoyable, not a race to get to the finish line as soon as possible. Forget about the time and enjoy the journey. Plan to take breaks every 70 to 100 miles. Your body will be grateful for that and your motorcycle as well. Check what kind of weather you can expect. Also, you need to think about the gas station, as well as where you’re going to eat. 


Technology can be of great help on long journeys, from navigation to a smartwatch. Choosing a helmet with a Bluetooth connector is a very good choice. Earplugs can make it easier for you to drive. Believe it or not, tinnitus is not a fun feeling. If you don’t have earplugs you can use headphones. Navigation is a great thing, but it is good to have a map in the paper as well. Navigation may fail due to GPS loss, so have that in mind.

Always obey the rules and regulations of traffic law, safety, and remember that the point of traveling by motorcycle is enjoyment, not speed. However, if all this preparation is demanding for you, you can always go to some travel agency and arrive without thinking about the destination.



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