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Most Common Engagement Ring Concerns & 6 Scams to Avoid

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Engagement ring shopping can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re not a fan of jewelry. There is a lot to consider with picking out an engagement ring. If you’re planning on getting hooked soon, then you want to ensure that your purchase will last.

In this article, we have discussed common engagement ring concerns, with six scams to avoid while purchasing the ring and save money.

So, let’s dive in! 

Some of the common ring concerns you can face while buying an engagement ring are: 

  • In today’s market, there are a plethora of engagement rings available, and you get confused and can’t decide on what to buy.

  • Everyone wants to find the perfect engagement ring, but it is essential to have a unique and special one. The main concern you face while purchasing an engagement ring is that it is too generic with a generic diamond.

  • You need to be prepared for the fact that there are so many different options out there, and you will probably have to compromise on some of your ideal prospects.

  • Sometimes you feel pressured while buying the engagement ring.

  • If you are getting it at the best price or not. Sometimes you don’t have any idea whether the diamond that you buy will last forever or not.

  • Sometimes when you buy a ring online, it seems thick, but it is not like what you ordered in person.

  • The big stores seem daunting because there are thousands of rings and diamonds available, but they all look similar.

  • Diamonds are graded on criteria like color, clarity, and cut, so there are different levels of quality for each of these characteristics. The main issue you face while buying a ring is that it wouldn’t go with the factors.

6 Scams To Avoid While Buying An Engagement Ring Are:

  • Online Shopping

The most common scan is to buy a poor-quality diamond online. Nowadays, online stores do not deliver the exact product they show you on the screens, and then you have a horrible experience while trying to return the ring.

Brilliance and fire are everything, but you can’t rely on the certificates to accurately convey how much brilliance is in the diamond. Sometimes the diamond certificates look impressive, but when you actually see the diamond, you will see how dull it is, and you wouldn’t want it on your finger.

It is recommended to feel confident that the company’s representative will have your best interest in mind while you buy an engagement ring online

  • Fancy lighting 

It is not really a scam, but it is something that you should pay attention to. Nowadays, jewelry stores invest in very expensive lighting systems because it makes the diamond look extra sparkly. In the stores, there are embedded blue component lights that make yellowish diamonds look a lot whiter than they actually are.

It is advisable to check the diamond under the natural lighting before purchasing the engagement ring because your girl is not going to walk around the expensive lighting systems over her finger.

  • Exact Fraction of Diamond Weight

Sometimes the jewelers fake the exact fraction of the diamond’s weight. To exemplify, if you are at a jewelry store and you are looking at a completed ring’s price tags. Let’s assume it says 0.75-carat weight when actually it might only be 0.69-carat weight, and the jewelers just rounded up. So you are paying for more diamond value than you are actually getting.

So, it is recommended to be attentive and always pay for the exact diamond carat weight. 

  • Treated Diamonds

Treated diamonds are clearly enhanced or fractured diamonds. Basically, this means that the diamond had a little bit of plastic surgery performed on it. The problem with these diamonds is that some companies often state in tiny fine print that it’s clarity-enhanced. So, people either overlook it or don’t even know what clarity-enhanced means.

The enhanced diamond cracked when bought under the heat of the torch. The heat from the ultrasonic cleaner can affect a clarity-enhanced diamond.

It is advisable to read the diamond certificate properly and also check the diamond under the torch light.

  • Total Carat Weight of Diamonds

Sometimes the jewelers sell you a diamond that has fewer carats. 

Let’s say that you purchased a diamond ring that is listed as being 2 carats when actually it is a 1-carat center stone with 100 smaller diamonds around it that also equals 1 carat, thereby making it have a total weight of 2 carats.

While buying a custom ring, you might not know exactly what the total carat weight of the ring is going to be upfront. So be alert regarding the total carat weight of the diamond in your engagement ring.

  • Diamonds “Half off” 

If you see a large diamond half-off for a sale sign, please don’t purchase that because all this means is that the jewelers marked the diamonds up way high, so they mark them down way low and make you feel like you are getting an outstanding deal. Moreover, if the jeweler does that, it just means the diamonds were marked up too high, to begin with, anyway.

It is always recommended not to go for the diamond deals that are on sale. 

To Wrap Up

We hope that we’ve demonstrated how important it is to get information about all aspects of the engagement ring you’ve decided upon, including who, what, where, and how.



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