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5 Fitness Trends For 2019

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In modern world, it is essential for everyone to stay fit and take care of their body. That is why more and more people turn themselves into fitness lately. However, with the high life tempo that we have now, it is sometimes not that easy for people to get educated about workout routines and a healthier lifestyle in general. So today, we present you a list of five new fitness trends that you should check out in 2019!


1. Body weight trainings

This does not mean that lifting weight is a ‘taboo’ now, it is just that the focus of intensive workouts has transferred towards using your own body’s weight. You do not need weights anymore to build your strength up, just a mat. This is especially convenient if your job requires you to travel a lot.


2. Workout apps

Since we all are constantly on the run, very often working out at home is the only option. Some people might not put that much effort into it, as they would have if they went to the gym. However, there is no reason to stress out about it. Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile and desktop applications for people who want to work out at home. You can even get yourself an interactive coach who will motivate you to continue your workouts. Some real life trainers often make a sports website for themselves where they leave fitness and diet tips for others.


3. Exercise your mind

A healthy mind is just as important for you as a healthy body. Dedicating some time each day for meditation will help you with keeping a better focus on things and will make your stress level lower. Sometimes, you can even combine your mind ‘exercises’ with actual workout routine that will allow you to focus more on building beautiful muscles.


4. Workout before work

It might seem a bit tiring for you to start working right after you have hit a gym, but after you have actually tried it, you will see how awesome it really feels. After a good gym session, your body will be refreshed and ready to conquer the office ‘jungle’. Just do not forget to shower afterwards, of course.


5. Interval training

Though this type of training is not really an innovative one, many people predict for it to become a real hit in 2019. The whole point of interval training is that you put your maximum effort into small sessions and take short breaks in between. Usually, the whole workout takes no longer than 30 minutes but the results are totally worth it!



These are the five main trends in the world of fitness in 2019 that you might want to check out. Just remember that any type of workout should not stress your mind and body out. If it does not make you feel better afterwards, you might need to stop doing that. Other than that, work your body out and drink lots of water!



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