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Erectile Dysfunction and Finding the Right Treatment

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Here’s a statistic to start: one in three men will experience erectile dysfunction – ED – during their lifetime. Furthermore, it is not so that ED is restricted to older men. While most sufferers are older than 50, many in their 30’s have also suffered.

Let’s be straight here; ED may not be dangerous in itself, but it can be downright embarrassing! We know the scene: you’re in the mood, ready to get it on with your partner, and – all of sudden – you can’t get it up! Or if you do, it won’t stay around. That’s what ED is defined as -the inability to get or maintain and erection.

Of course, it’s no laughing matter as it can lead to problems with relationships, low self-esteem, and a feeling of shame and loss of worth in a man. But rest assured ED can be treated, and successfully too. Before we check out a couple of the leading ED treatments, it helps to know how and why ED happens.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you know how an erection is formed? In the penis there are two ‘sacs’. When a guy is aroused, the hormones transmit a message to increase blood flow to the penis. The blood fills these sacs and stays around until the job is done! It’s those sacs, full of blood, that keep the penis firm and erect.

As a man gets older his body and the components within it start to change. One thing that often happens is the blood flow slows down. Also, the hormones that signal the start of an erection – Testosterone in the main – slow down in terms of production.

This can be caused by ageing, but can also be a symptom of diabetes, for example, and of lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and recreational drug use. If you do start to suffer from ED, it’s always sensible to talk to a doctor, just to be on the safe side. So, what treatments are there?

What are the Available Treatments for ED?

We all know about the famous blue pill -trademarked Viagra and also others like it – so we thought we’d recommend you check out this BlueChew review for details of a similar product that has many satisfied customers. It is approved for use medically, and with success testified to is worth looking at in more detail.

To be fair and balanced we also suggest you read this Hims ED review. Hims is a brand that offers a number of ED related products – including Viagra itself – and one that is favoured by many men thanks to its dedication to delivering in discreet packages. You don’t want those nosy neighbours knowing your private life after all!

We hope that this brief article has reassured you that ED is not the end of the world, and helped you on your search for the best erectile dysfunction treatment available. Do talk to the doctor and get a diagnosis as you never know what underlying reasons there may be behind your ED, and then start your treatment and enjoy a healthy sex life once more.



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