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Camden Town: 3rd Happiest Place to Live but 1st Most Fun to Visit

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The ‘happiest places to live in London’ list is revealed and Richmond upon Thames takes the first place for the third time in a row. However, Camden Town is not far behind being ranked the third. For those who come to London for a visit and want to enjoy life to the fullest Camden could be ranking the first as this place offers plenty of entertainment and some of the best pubs in the country.

Top 7 Things to do In Camden Town If You Want to Have Fun

  1. Shop at Camden Market

Camden Market has over a thousand shops, cafes, and bars where you can get anything you could ever want. Whether looking for clothes, music records, antiques, or a good company, this place will offer plenty of each. The market is so big that you’ll need quite a bit of time to explore fully. You can do this a bit at a time during every day of your stay and start every day with discovering something new while in search of delicious breakfast. This place also takes street food to a new level.

  1. Visit London Zoo

One of the reasons why Camden is one of the happiest places to live in London is definitely the fact that this is where London Zoo is located. The oldest zoo in the city offers so many fascinating experiences that everyone is sure to leave it completely charmed. This is a must-visit place for any trip to London and be sure to book your tickets online as they are cheaper this way.

  1. Explore the pubs

One thing you absolutely cannot miss during your visit to London is going on a pub crawl in Camden. This part of the city has some of the best pubs you can find. They are extremely versatile, so everyone will find a perfect place for them. Going on a crawl, however, will allow you to see the many layers of modern British culture. This adventure is sure to be unforgettable, unless you go heavy on the delicious local beer.

  1. Shop at Cyberdog

If you are into futuristic science fiction, there is no better place than Cyberdog, one of the most original boutiques in the entire country. This is the perfect place for ravers to dress and the place to go if you want to look like you’ve just left a shooting site of a movie set in the 2100s. The shopping experience itself is akin to a trip to a rave, so be sure to come prepared for the loud electronic music and relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Listen to live jazz

Of all the things to do in Camden Town, spending a night in Jazz Café is an absolute must. Here you will be able to enjoy live music that will leave no heart untouched. The venue hosts many events, so look up the schedule when planning your trip

  1. ‘Ride’ a waterbus

There’s a direct road from Camden Town to London’s Little Venice, and you can take a waterbus to travel it. This boat trip through a canal is very relaxing, as opposed to the majority of activities in Camden. It’ll be perfect to add some romance to your trip.

  1. Become an artist

Camden Arts Center is not only a place where you can see some beautiful exhibits. Here you can take many classes and participate in special arts and crafts shops. The schedule here is pretty busy. So you’ll need to research what’s on offer before you arrive. The events range from family arts clubs to dance performances and there are always a few exhibits of modern artists active in the center.


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