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Carnival Cruises Makes Cuba Travel Simple Despite Trump Regulations

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While yes, the Forbes is right and Americans can still travel to Cuba under the strict regulations initiated by the Trump administration, this travel has become a challenge. However, you now have a chance to enjoy the beauties of this tropical island without trying to get those highly restrictive travel licenses. All you need is to book a cabin on one of Carnival Cruises ships traveling there. And there will be 23 additional options for you to do this in 2019-2020 as per new Carnival sailings to Havana.

How Do You Get to Cuba with Carnival Cruises?

You get to Cuba with Carnival Cruises by getting onto one of the company’s luxurious cruise ships. This way you’ll join over 12 million people who enjoy this fascinating adventure in a single year. That’s how many passengers Carnival’s ships carried in 2017 according to Statista.

As the passengers spend the majority of their time on the ship, this kind of tourism completely aligns with the strict travel regulations to Cuba. However, you get to enjoy nearly all the joys of being a Cuban tourist during this tour.


While residing on the ship, you can partake in many shore excursions and parties. During this time you definitely should enjoy a Havana walking tour. It’ll help you get some much needed exercise and witness the beauty of the old city. You’ll also be able to enjoy delicious local foods and even take trips further into the island to see the beauty of the local nature.

When traveling to Cuba with Carnival Cruises, you’ll be able to enjoy the exotic and festive spirit of the island not only when on the shore. The cruises headed to this destination offer salsa lessons and multiple Havana-style parties while you are still on board. Those who are more into learning will be able to enjoy some trivia games and other activities that delve into the fascinating Cuban culture.

There will be many of those as Carnival Cruises manages to provide such tourist trips by claiming the ‘social impact’ exception in the Cuba travel restrictions of 2017.

What Are the New Carnival Cuba Cruises?

According to Carnival, the company will launch 23 new cruises to Havana in the years 2019-2020. They will take off from Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, and Charleston. The cruise from Charleston will be the first one to Cuba ever. If that alone didn’t make the voyage special, Carnival is also launching the biggest ever ship to travel to Havana, which is Carnival Sunshine. It can host 3,002 passengers. There can be no doubt those people will get a fantastic experience from this memorable journey.

He ships that have already been cruising to Cuba are Carnival Sensation and Carnival Paradise. There will be a veritable fleet added to them soon. Aside from the aforementioned Sunshine, the options soon open to those willing to enjoy Cuba include:

  • Carnival Triumph
  • Carnival Victory


The cruises are three and five days with various stops but all dock in Havana to give you a taste of the delightful Cuban vacation in the Caribbean. Each offer comes with its special highlights, so one should take time researching the options. One thing all these voyages have in common is that they are guaranteed to be fun, as all Carnival cruises are.

The costs of the cabin range from $224 to $400 per person. One shouldn’t forget that there’s a variety of fees you’ll have to pay not included in the price of the cruise itself. These are port fees and the cost of Cuban visa ($75 per person). Cuba cruises from Carnival are only available to those with a valid US passport. The good news is that the hassle with the paperwork is minimal as Carnival arranges most of it and you can get it while on board.


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