Technology Advances in Canada

In the Year 1997, a Harvard business professor coined the term disruptive technology and referenced things like the internet, the television, and the telephone.

Nowadays these “disruptive technologies” from places like Canada are presenting opportunities for research, industry games, and financial opportunities in addition to bettering the world in general.  Canada is home to a range of emerging technologies including:

  • The Internet of Things
  • Software-as-a-service for small and medium businesses
  • 5G networks
  • Voice searches
  • Medicinal technologies 

Canada is known for heavily using technology, spending 24 billion dollars on the software industry in the year 2020. In fact, Canada remains a global leader in software particularly software production and software services. It is a large market, to be sure but one that offers a great deal of opportunity.

1. SaaS and Cloud Computing

Canada offers practical solutions for small and medium businesses, something that comprises a large percentage of their economy. Many commercial entities don’t have the resources for complex infrastructure, especially complex digital infrastructure, which is why Canada has made an impressive technological advance when it comes to SaaS and cloud computing. Providing software-as-a-service allows these small and medium-sized businesses throughout Canada and internationally to customize the technological solutions they integrate in their company, to subscribe to Services based on a very specific need instead of being forced to invest in an umbrella package that offers more than they need at a cost they can’t afford.   

In Canada many of these new technological advances include top of the line payment processing particularly for things like cryptocurrencies, the use of point of sale systems across multiple restaurants that engage with customers directly, and of course things like digital marketing. Investments in cloud computing has increased 5 fold over the last decade and Canada has seen a significant increase in its on-demand cloud computing services.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence might be a common theme in action films and sci-fi books but it’s an even more common theme in Canada. Currently, Canada’s industries focus heavily on things like automobile production, fishing, oil, and logging but these industries are all considering ways to infuse artificial intelligence in their production. Artificial intelligence is positioned to generate over 2 million more jobs around the world while also increasing efficiency for any industry that adopts it. This means Canada is tuned to see the multiple benefits of these technological advances across businesses for all stakeholders.

3. 5G Networks

Over the course of the last year the discussions over 5G networks have been vast and Canada has a great deal of increased focus on 5G technology. Why does this matter? At present most people only focus on the use of 5G networks for faster mobile devices, easier access to streaming videos or playing hi-def video games, but the use of 5G networks when spread across Canada presents a much bigger opportunity.   

5G networks are poised to offer newer infrastructure for the small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country, to help facilitate medical advances especially when it comes to better communication across different facilities. Right now the majority of Canadian users, 90%, use their time on downloaded apps and this latest introduction of 5G networks improves the production during that time. It also offers better reliability with fewer interruptions which is not just good for people streaming videos but excellent for businesses who need that type of on-demand reliability especially when communicating with company based networks.  

4. Canadian Games Technology

It used to be that online games were rather Limited especially games involving gambling. They required specific types of computers with very large capacities and access to specific games was limited.  Canada has advanced in many ways to extend to Esports. Esports in Canada are now widely available across the country.  Canadian esports give citizens the opportunity to not only watch and appreciate their favorite sporting events but place bets on them and potentially win big. This type of technology makes it possible to make bets using online currency as well through the Canadian egame technology, with things like cryptocurrency. Users can visit their favorite gaming page, pick the sports they are most interested in, place their bets, and enjoy.

Esports Canada gives you a variety of games to choose from so you would never be bored while staying at home during this pandemic. This is an awesome way for players to level up their passion for video games and are just exciting as the traditional sporting tournaments around the world. 

Overall Canada remains a top contender when it comes to disruptive or influential technologies particularly things like software for small and medium-sized businesses, 5G networks for companies across the nation, new access to online games not just improved speed from the 5G networks, in addition to the integration of artificial intelligence.


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