3 UTE Add-Ons To Get Even More Item Space

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Most people that buy utility vehicles, or UTEs, are doing it because they need more space in their car when they want to transport something. The back of the vehicle is big enough to accommodate all kinds of items, but sometimes, we simply need more.

For example, removing from one place to another always requires more space. You might want to store the tools in a separate place, or you want an item that isn’t supposed to get in contact with the other stuff in the back – like your bike that might get damaged when you hit the bumps on the road.

This is why people constantly invest in their vehicles and look for other ways to get the most of their cars. In this article, we’re talking more about how to do it. We will share three ideas that will show you what you can do about it, so you can use them the next time you need to add some space to your vehicle. Read on if you want to know more!

1. Get a custom-made undertray

For those situations in which you can’t find the right place for your tools, we recommend getting an undertray. The undertray is placed under the truck right next to the tires. Their size fits perfectly to install them under the vehicle, and it’s perfect for storing some of the most necessary items.

The best thing is that they can be locked, so no one can open them and take what’s yours. The minimum is two of them, behind the rear tires. Those that can find more space – can install a few more, depending on what they need and what can afford.

Since all vehicles are different, it’s best to find a company that will make them custom-made. One of them is the Australian OZY Toolbox Centre, which is known for building custom-made undertrays that are made durable and affordable. Find a similar company next to your place and get the most of your vehicle by installing undertrays.

2. Add a roof rack

The roof rack is so helpful for any situation. Although designed for family cars that can’t fit everything in the trunk, it can still be highly helpful for your UTE when you need more space. It’s crucial to know that UTEs have a different roof than most cars, so you’ll want this custom-made too.

When you do it, you’ll see how your roof becomes a place on which you can store nearly anything you want. Fasten it properly, and you get a place on which you can place nearly anything since the length of your vehicle is enough to transport everything you may think of.

If you’re removing, and you want to get all the furniture in one go, then you have no problem with it. Place everything you can in the back of your UTE, and place on top of the roof rack the items that didn’t fit. A roof rack is a great way to turn your car into a removing truck.

3. Invest in a wagon trailer

If nothing else helps and you still need a lot more room, then we suggest investing in a wagon trailer. You don’t need an additional permit for it – you just need to have the right items to connect your vehicle to it. If you do this, the wagon trailer is good to go with you.

Don’t forget to connect all the wiring too, because it would be illegal to drive without proper signalization on the back of the trailer. The wagon becomes part of your vehicle, and you act as a smaller truck, so have this in mind.

What you get with the wagon trailer is additional storage with the size even bigger than what you have on your utility vehicle. You can get one as big as you want it. You can place a horse inside it – in fact, there’s no other way to transport something like this without the proper wagon trailer.

Find one that will fit your needs, learn everything about how it needs to be connected to your vehicle, and enjoy knowing that you’re getting all the room you need to transport something from one place to another. If you’re going camping, this can get your entire home from your house into nature.


These are three ideas that might help you transform your UTE into a mobile removable system. Of course, this is not the only reason to do it. Most people that opt for items like the ones we mentioned need more space on their vehicles constantly.

However, if you only need it one time, it’s still worth doing it. Find the best companies to help you with it, and enjoy yourself knowing that you have all the room available.


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