7 Reasons Why Your Child Will Love Drama Camp

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When it comes to holiday camps to send your kids to, there are tons of different options in Singapore. Because of this, it can be hard to figure out which ones your child will actually enjoy and which ones are worth the money.

One great option if your child has a knack for performance is drama camp. They will definitely end up making some great friends, and they will learn how to channel all that drama and flare into a positive and creative outlet. In this article, we are going to go over seven reasons why both you and your child will love drama camp or summer camp.

1) Boost Their Self-Confidence

A lot of camps seem tailored to the kids who are already bursting with self-confidence and who are extremely outgoing. While many of the camps in Singapore do foster independence, very few foster self-confidence like drama camp does.

At drama camp, your child will be encouraged to try new things and step out of the comfort zone in a welcoming and safe manner. These challenges are so fun that kids start to forget their nerves over time, and the confidence that they have in themselves grows substantially by the end of camp. Even shy and more withdrawn children are able to grow their confidence in a way that they can enjoy.

Confidence-boosting activities include shows in front of an audience and group performance. While this makes most kids nervous at first, when they have a lot of fun and mistakes are considered part of the process, they are able to overcome their anxiety and have a lot of fun exploring their potential.

2) Language and Communication Skills

As you might expect, a major part of drama camp is reading scripts and learning how to play different roles. As they explore different scripts and characters, they will be exposed to new ideas, vocabulary, and language. Not only will they learn new ways to express themselves verbally, but they will learn how to convey ideas and emotions through their body language and facial expressions. This exposure will flow right into their day-to-day life as their language expands and communication skills grow. Your kid will come home a better communicator.

3) Teamwork and Friendships

Just like your kid will be learning how to be more confident in themselves, they will learn how to work with other people and develop new and lasting friendships. In fact, the teamwork will start the moment your kid starts at the drama camp. The activities are designed to be done as a group and often require cooperation to be completed. Even if your child does not end up becoming an actor working with a cast of people, the ability to work with others will be pivotal in whatever they do.

4) Physical Development

We know that your children getting all that energy out in a positive and non-destructive way is a major reason while you send them to camp over the holiday. Your child will not miss out on this if you send them to drama camp rather than a sports camp.

At drama camp, we have a wide range of activities that require exercise and physical activity, just like they do at other camps. These activities will help your child spend some of that seemingly endless energy, and they will also learn better coordination, balance, etc.

5) Improved Concentration

Kids do not always have the best attention spans. This is something we like to work on at drama camp. At drama camp, kids will sit in different classes and take part in activities that are enjoyable and entertaining but still require them to listen to other people’s ideas and take turns sharing and performing. Kids hate being bored, which they definitely won’t be at drama camp. but they will also have plenty of opportunities to work on their concentration. Because of this, you may find that they start listening better at home.

6) Emotional Intelligence

At drama camp, emotional intelligence is considered just as important as traditional intelligence. Without it, children struggle to understand themselves and others. Some activities at drama camp are light-hearted while others are more serious, but as kids learn how to play different characters, they will learn a lot about different emotions and empathy. Acting encourages kids to learn how to walk in another person’s shoes and grapple with emotions that they may not fully understand.

7) Foster Creativity

The world is constantly changing. Your child could grow up and take a job that we have not even heard of yet. No matter what job they end up in, the ability to be creative and think outside of the box will be a great skill to have in their toolbox. As they take on different roles and learn about improv, they will learn how to come up with new ideas and think on their feet. Not only will they do this as individuals, but they will learn how to use their creativity to build off of each other as part of a team. Kids naturally have great imaginations, and at drama camp, they will learn how to use that in a productive and exciting way.

How to Choose a Drama Camp?

Have you decided that drama camp is just what you are looking for in a camp to send your child to this holiday? Now you have to decide what camp or class to sign your kid up for. Other than a great ending performance/showcase, there are a couple of things to consider when doing this.

First, no matter what kind of class or camp you are looking for, you want to make sure you find one with an experienced teacher. You can generally find out who is leading/teaching the camp online. From there, you can figure out where they studied, what types of productions they have been in. It can be fun for your kids to go to a camp where the teacher is currently acting in shows, but this might be hard to find.

Finally, consider looking towards smaller camps, or at least camps with a smaller teacher to camper ratio. You kids will likely have the most fun and learn the most when they are able to get more direct attention.


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