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Customized Holiday Cards Help Build Your Brand and Customer Loyalty

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Are you trying to improve your business brand and promote customer loyalty? Customizing your holiday cards may be a step in the right direction. While there are many ways to increase customer loyalty, sending greeting cards is a quick and affordable way to do it.

They boost direct mail response rates, raise marketing ROI, and improve client satisfaction.

Here are a few ways that customized holiday cards will help your business.

1. Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition

It isn’t every day that clients receive holiday cards in the mail. If you do it, your business will likely stand out. Greeting cards allow you to differentiate yourself from rivals who only send cards online or don’t send any at all.

Try sending a card on a holiday when receiving one is not customary. This is one of the most effective tips to help you stand out. When was the last time you gave your customers a Halloween or Thanksgiving card, for instance?

Don’t overlook the design. A unique design is essential if you want to express gratitude to your consumers and stand out. Don’t use the usual winter imagery that everyone does.

2. Create Delight

A seasonal greeting card can make your customers feel happy and appreciated. That’s significant because emotions influence decisions in a big way. Try using joy marketing to connect with clients and foster a sense of loyalty.

In other words, sending holiday wishes might create a connection between your company and a positive mood. Your recipients know that you don’t need to buy them cards. They’re probably going to appreciate your choice to do it.

3. Personalization

When a client is assured that the message is intended only for them and no one else, they will consider it special. Personalization helps customers feel valued. It reminds them that they are an essential part of your team. Create personalized photo cards and add bespoke messages or unique greetings.

Use your database to look at past records to understand your clients and make sure you are sticking to their preferences.

4. Giving People the Chance to Notice Your Company

While there is no assurance, your holiday cards will likely get more notice than just the receiver. If the consumer shows the card to guests when they come over, your business may become more visible. You never know the kind of friends your clients keep.

5. Expressing Your Gratitude

Every business must learn the value of being grateful. The more you appreciate your clients, the more likely they are to come back. Sending customized holiday cards is one of the best ways to express your gratitude. Writing “thank you” in a card makes your clients more eager to work with you.

Should Companies Still Send Customers Holiday Cards?

More business owners today are debating the value of holiday cards in the era of email. They are charming, but so is grandma’s knitted Christmas sweater. Are there advantages to thanking and wishing consumers well in this manner?

Seasonal cards have value and should be taken into consideration. They can assist you in fostering loyalty, differentiating yourself from the competition, and growing your audience.

Select Your Audience Before You Begin

There’s no need to send holiday greetings to every consumer who interacted with your business last year. 

In order to customize your message, try to limit your audience. Consider these groupings, for example:

  • Loyal and regular clients
  • Customers that make large purchases
  • Your business partners
  • Employees

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to consider whether or not you will send customized holiday cards to your clients. These days, it’s easy to send holiday greetings via email. However, going the extra mile is always a good idea.

Customized holiday cards will set you apart from the competition. They allow you to engage with customers on a more personal level. Your customers will feel appreciated and like a critical part of your team.


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