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Which event venue to choose in New York for your business?

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Event room rentals are a growing business in major cities around the world. These spaces are built to house various forms of activities including cocktail parties or photo shoots. New York City has a variety of spaces (loft, showroom…) for rent. Find out more about the locations you can choose from.

A modern showroom

Many owners provide a loft showroom for corporate events. Typically, this type of space can be up to 4000 square feet and is reserved for events or private sessions. It can be used for :

  • taking pictures ;
  • a fashion event;
  • a press conference;
  • an art exhibition, etc.

These examples of corporate event venues in New York can accommodate private events hosted by your company. Basically, the room is presented in a modern and bright decor. The facades are covered with white paint and the flooring is made of wood. Also, large windows let the outside light into the room.

It is also possible to use in this style of modern showroom with projectors to direct the light according to your needs. If you plan to do photo shoots on site, easily take advantage of the fitting rooms introduced in the space. The event room also has a kitchen. The setting lends itself to a gourmet reception.

A modifiable event space

Take advantage of 3,000 square feet of space by renting a flexible event space. In fact, there is a room with a flexible configuration in the Garment District in New York. These apartment or loft models are suitable for hosting photo shoots or private events. They can also be used as a showroom for art professionals.

In fact, when you opt for this type of high-end space, be sure to work on a building equipped with an elevator. Thus, the apartment is prepared in an original decor consisting of a wooden floor and sleek walls painted in white. It is possible to receive business partners for a cocktail in this decorative style.

Also, companies in the fashion industry can configure these event corporate place to hold a showroom or a fashion show. Indeed, you can adopt is a three-level separation to get a banquet, a dance hall and a dressing room. It is also possible to integrate a bar area in a buffet style to serve drinks to the guests. At the end of the work, take advantage of the private bathrooms included in the apartment.

A gallery space for exhibitions

If you need a gallery space for exhibitions, these rooms exist in New York City. The owners usually offer a glassed-in corner space with a sleek decor. The room has large windows that let in the daylight. Also, the entrances to the room are glass doors.

With a space of 500 square feet, it is possible to present your works to potential buyers. In the room, the owners have provided high-end furniture that is used to display the paintings and sculptures of impressive dimensions. With the height of ten feet between the floor and the ceiling, corporate event venues in New York can accommodate all forms of artworks.

The ideal room to take pictures

Take photos in a conducive environment by choosing an event room that is suitable for this activity. Many owners offer a 2,100 square foot or 4,000 square foot event space ideal for photography. In fact, whether your company is in the fashion or art business, hold your event in a pleasant setting as shown here.

Often immersed in a bright atmosphere, these venues have adjustable spotlights to optimize the lighting in the room. However, if you are not planning to take pictures, it is possible to rent this setting to organize training sessions, conferences or exceptional private sales events.



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