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How do likes on your personal Instagram page contribute to your business?

Sailun Tires

If you have separate Instagram accounts for your business and your interests, you may be putting less effort into growing engagement on your personal account. While it’s a great idea to focus on building your business profile, getting attention on your personal Insta is still essential. Many influencers drive traffic to their products through their own IG accounts. A personal account may attract a broader range of users interested in a different variety of content than your company profile, enabling you to reach a wider audience and gain more Insta likes.

Not sure how to get started increasing likes on your personal profile? Don’t bug your friends to like your stuff. Instead, get a boost quickly and easily when you buy 10 Instagram likes at Socialsgrow. This tells IG’s algorithms that your post is popular, which helps bring more traffic to it. In turn, this encourages organic growth of likes and engagement.

Here are some more suggestions for managing your Instagram page to promote business interests:

Don’t Post About Your Organization All The Time

Yes, you want to use your Insta profile to promote your business, but if you do it too often, your followers will get bored, and you’ll quickly start getting fewer IG likes. Instead, focus on

  • making posts that are either entertaining or educational; 
  • mention your product only if it’s relevant and no more than 20 percent of the time;
  • keep it brief when you talk about your company and avoid being overly salesy. You could explain something that inspired you to start your business as part of a more extensive discussion about a problem or insufficiency in the industry.

Many celebrities and influencers have both a personal profile and one or more accounts for their businesses on Instagram. For example, fitness influencer Kayla Itsines began her career posting about fitness topics on IG but now has an app called Sweat and bikini body training guides. While she has other marketing strategies for these companies, her own Insta profile also helps to gain likes and drive traffic their way. Shark Tank’s Daymond John is the founder of clothing line Fubu and an investor in numerous businesses. But his personal Insta focuses on his skills as a branding expert, author, and speaker and includes frequent motivational posts for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Do Post About Topics Relevant To Your Business

For example, if you own a makeup company, it’s a good idea to sometimes post on Instagram about beauty topics. Or you could post about female leaders who inspire you, productivity tips, or other things that would be relevant to fellow entrepreneurs. Authors or bloggers often publish about books, not just their own – they may review other writers’ books, post pics of creative bookshelf designs, or make a video acting out their favorite book tropes. A filmmaker might post about camera equipment, lighting techniques, or what they look for in a script. It is educational content and will help you get more IG likes.

Remember The “Personal” Part Of A Personal Account

In addition to discussing topics related to your company, it’s crucial that you also spend time posting like a regular person on Insta. Adding photos of kids, pets, life events, or just you goofing around on your day off can really help you to seem more relatable and receive more IG likes. This will make viewers more inclined to like your content – and you. Humor is often helpful – don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself on Instagram, but never punch down.

Make Sure Your Business Site Link Is In Your Bio

Your Instagram bio should make it clear who you are, so use these 150 characters wisely:

  • First, you should be human and relatable here. If all you do is recite your resume, viewers will get bored and click the back button.
  • Try to start with something funny, like “cat herder,” “gourmet chef to my bulldog,” or “ATM for my 12YO.”
  • After getting the users’ attention with something relatable, add a line like, “Founder of 123 Books,” etc.
  • Add a few more lines related to your business, like “fitness enthusiast” or “lifelong traveler.”
  • Turn a business link into a tiny URL and include it at the end of your bio on Insta.

Use Videos to Attract Attention

Instagram is stepping up its efforts to make video central to the site instead of just still photos. One quick way to get more likes on your posts is to add video, using Reels and Stories for best results. Other video tips:

  • Occasionally show your company logo in motion, especially if the subject matter relates to your product.
  • Even if you don’t talk about the business at all or the video is just for entertainment, this can still help raise brand awareness on Instagram and gain more likes.
  • Experiment with different kinds of videos – ones with you in them, ones that focus on an animal or inanimate object, funny videos, serious videos, and short story vids.
  • Insta is trying to compete with TikTok, so while some long-form films are fine, include at least a few of fifteen seconds or less.
  • Try multiple filters and editing software to play with different looks. Ideally, you want to find a “theme” you use for all or most videos. This could be black and white, overexposed, underexposed, or using a particular filter that fits well with your IG aesthetic.

  • After trying different types of videos, browse through them to see which got the most hearts, then determine what those clips have in common.

These tips will help you grow your likes for your personal Instagram, which you can then use to help improve your company account. Start with short, fun videos – dancing, cooking, trying a new activity, or your pet doing something funny are common themes in popular IG videos. Remember to post regularly on both accounts with relevant hashtags for best results. If your growth has stopped progressing, don’t panic – Insta’s algorithms just need to see a rise in traffic. Consider buying a few hearts for a quick boost.


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