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Here are Six Incredible Photographers that you should be following on Instagram

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We can’t help but to be obsessed with social media for different reasons. From watching entertaining videos to sharing memes that are relatable, you will always find something that you like on social media. Instagram is the second most downloaded free app on the Apple store and has an estimate of over 1 billion monthly followers. Over 500 million stories are shared daily and at least 63% of the users log in daily to the app. With the good quality content featured on this app, there’s no surprise why it’s so popular. 

Photography is the main element for instagram and having good images is what attracts a huge amount of followers. Photography doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take selfies to become popular, but it can be amateur or professional photography based on a passion that you have. The most popular image topics that you can find on instagram are of models, food, travel and pets. However, what really makes a photographer stand out is the ability to bring the subject to life in the photo, so that the audience can connect with it too.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find a page that’s worthy of following, since there are so many out there with different topics too. Some may be hidden gems that are lost in the sea of billions of pages out there and may just be your new favourite page to follow. That’s why we have decided to narrow down to six incredible photographers that you should be following on instagram right now. Each has their own unique factor that makes them stand out, plus they have a great feed of photos that will mesmerize you everytime they upload something new.

Cibelle Levi

This international photographer is known to showcase incredible work in all creative spaces for photography. Cibelle Levi has a ton of beautiful and authentic photos that she’s taken of iconic models and celebrities such as Camila Cabilo, Lucy Hale and Winnie Harlow. When she’s not uploading her professional work on instagram, she’s travelling around the world in order to take photos of clients at fashion runways, award ceremonies and for magazine publications such as Vogue. If you’re into music, or movies, be sure to give her a follow, you’ll be seeing a lot of big things coming her way. 

Brandon Sharpe

Brandon Sharpe is a photographer and designer who runs an instagram page called Brandonexplores. His content is based on travel, featuring some of the most picturesque photos that you’d see of this world. You’d also see beautifully captured photos of his city Chicago during all seasons. Once you scroll down his page, you’d soon be inspired to book your next plane tickets to a dreamy destination that will be on your bucket list.

Jo Anne Dunn

Jo Ann Dunn runs an instagram page called joannedunnphoto and it features some of the most inspiring wedding photos that you’d see. The wedding photographer captures the essence of romance beautifully for the newlyweds in each photo. The photographs for the ceremonies are so alluring, that it’ll make you want to get married – even if you’re not in a relationship.

Kiliii Yuyan

Kiliii Yuyan is a National Geographic contributor for photography that brings stories of the arctic and wilderness to life. If you are fascinated by the everyday lives of the arctic such as seeing a female gyrfalcon feeding her chicks and the quiet, still, nature, then this would be the ideal instagram page to follow. The name of the page is Kiliii Yuyan.

Prasenjeet Yadav

Prasenjeet Yadav tells the most beautiful stories of nature through his photos on instagram. He is a natural history and science photographer and a contributor for the instagram page National Geographic Travel. He captures photos of wild animals and the natural habitats that are on this planet. His instagram page is called prasen.yadav.

Kelly Marshall

Kelly Marshall is a well known photographer that captures the everyday lives of people. She is an WSJ and NYT 2018 lit list awardee and showcases great design and creative photos on her instagram page. The photographs can vary from interior design to models, which creates a broad range of content. She also uploads images from human beliefs campaigns that followers admire. Her instagram page is sans.murs.


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