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How to Choose the Right Meal Delivery Service For You

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Going to the grocery store is one of my least favorite activities. It is overwhelming and somehow, even with a list, I always end up forgetting something. If you are like me you may have considered investing in a meal delivery service. Meal delivery services are great because they take away the stress of shopping for ingredients.

What is better than having perfectly portioned food delivered straight to your door? Plus, if you are new to cooking these services can help you immensely. With ingredients and step by step recipes at your fingertips you can learn new dishes with ease. Now that you have decided you want to use a meal delivery service, use this article as a guide to decide which popular service is best for you!

Benefits to Meal Delivery

There are tremendous benefits to using a meal delivery service. Firstly, they work for any sized family. Whether you live alone or with a family of five, every meal delivery service has portion options. These services are perfect for singles looking to enhance their cooking skills while they are perfect for families whomst kids are picky eaters. Regardless of the size of your household another amazing benefit to these services is the reduction of food waste. Since each package is perfectly designed for the portion sizes you need, you will not waste any money and throw any food away. This is great for your wallet and the environment!

Another great benefit is how much time you will save while reaching your goals. Whether you want to stick to a specific diet such as veganism or in general living a healthier lifestyle you can achieve your goals through meal prepping. Meal delivery services are the best form of meal prepping. This is because it takes all of the planning and preparation away. All you have to do is select your meals for the week and go about your life worry free until your box arrives. Then, you can start cooking with ease!

Healthy Eating 

Meal delivery services can help ensure you and your entire family eat a healthy diet. Healthy meal delivery can be found in many meal services. If this aligns with your goals, Thistle may be the service for you. Their mission is to make eating nutritious, plant-based foods incredibly convenient and accessible! Their chefs put together a new menu each week full of high quality ingredients and superfoods. All of their meals are gluten and dairy-free. Plus, they use organic produce whenever possible. They offer meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This ensures your family is eating healthy all day long. Their meals start at $11.50.

Thistle is a great option for a healthy meal delivery service because of their use of superfoods.

Superfoods are the easiest way to get a plethora of vitamins and minerals into your diet, fast. As a brand they prioritize foods that energize the body, balance blood sugar, and neutralize and detoxify environmental stressors. Their popular ingredients include: turmeric, ginger, moringa, maca, reishi, matcha, and burdock.

Eating a well balanced diet is super important for your overall health. When you eat better you feel better. You will start to notice you will have more energy, a sharper mind, less bloating, and clearer skin when you eat clean. You can achieve all of this while eating foods that taste good!

High Protein Diet

There is a meal delivery service for everyone! If you are someone who has or is looking to improve their high protein diet then Butcherbox is great for you! This service provides you with premium cuts of both fish and meat. Furthermore, they specialize in high quality and humanely grown meat. Butcherbox uses locally sourced farms that uphold ethical values. Their choices include free range chicken to freshly caught seafood and fish. Fun fact, Butcherbox’s grass-fed beef is sourced from Australia!

This service costs on average $129 per box. Their boxes are packaged with dry ice so your fish and meat will not spoil upon delivery. In their custom box you can choose up to 21 different kinds of cuts! Their average box contains eight to ten pounds of food making sure you get your desired amount of protein.

Budget Friendly 

If meal delivery services seem too out of reach for your wallet, I am happy to inform you that there are budget friendly options available! These services widely vary on pricing due to where they outsource their ingredients from. It can also vary if the meals come frozen or if they use fresh produce. On the expensive side one meal can cost up to $17 dollars, which lets be honest is a super steep price for one meal. However, happy to report that there are services available where their meals are on average eight dollars per serving, which is a great deal! We would recommend either HelloFresh or Fresh n’ Lean to stay within this affordable price range!

Regardless of your dietary needs, you will be able to find a meal delivery service that works great for you, your family, and your health goals!



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