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Is Non-Owner Insurance The Right Choice For You?

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If you don’t own a car but still drive enough to need coverage in case of an accident, you should consider looking into non-owner insurance.

Even if the car you rent or borrow might be insured, it is always good to have secondary coverage in case of a serious accident where the primary coverage might not be enough to cover all the expenses.

It is not mandatory to have non-owner insurance in most states and you should get it if it makes sense for your situation.

What Is Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner insurance is a type of insurance which covers people who don’t own a car but frequently rent and drive other vehicles. 

It usually serves as secondary coverage when the person who is driving a car he doesn’t own meets with an accident which damages the other vehicle and injures the driver.

In the event an accident occurs, the owner’s auto insurance policy will be utilized first to cover all the costs. If it doesn’t cover all the expenses, your non-owner insurance will be used to cover the rest.

What Does Non-Owner Insurance Cover?

Non-owner insurance usually provides liability coverage.

Apart from this it may cover,

  • Medical Bills – In the situation where the other driver is hurt in an accident, your non-owner insurance will cover any extra expenses which the owner’s primary insurance could not cover.

  • Personal Injury – Non-owner insurance may include personal injury protection which will not only pay for your medical bills but also your lost wages if you are unable to work during recovery.

  • Property Damage – If any kind of property is damaged during an accident, the repair expenses will be covered by this insurance.

  • Rental Car Liability Coverage – Not every non-owner insurance includes rental car liability coverage. If you drive a lot of rental cars, it is recommended to check whether your non-owner insurance policy extends to rental cars before you purchase it.

Does Everyone Need Non-Owner Insurance?

Not everyone needs non-owner insurance. It is only worth purchasing in the following situations.

Your State Requires It – If you are trying to get new insurance after a suspension or obtaining your driver’s license, a few states will require you to have insurance to show that you are financially responsible. 

States like Texas don’t require a driver to have non-owner insurance as long as the owner of the car is insured. However if you do tend to drive other people’s vehicles frequently, it is advisable you get your own insurance to be on the safe side.

You can find the best car insurance in Texas at affordable rates with the help of Progressive’s services.

You Borrow Or Rent Cars Often – As mentioned previously, a non-owner insurance will cover the expenses which the vehicle owner’s insurance cannot cover. 

If you borrow other vehicles on a regular basis, it is highly recommended you get your own insurance.

To Avoid Coverage Lapse – If you are planning to buy a new car, you can get this insurance to avoid increase in insurance premiums and prevent coverage lapse. Going without insurance even for a short period of time makes you look less responsible in front of insurers.

You Need To File An SR-22 Certificate – In order to prove that you have the minimum insurance requirements set by the state, your insurer has to file this certificate on your behalf. This is required when you have to reinstate your license after a conviction.

How Much Does Non-Owner Insurance Cost?

Non-owner insurance usually costs less than standard insurance.

The price will vary depending upon factors like driving record, coverage limits and deductibles if chosen.

Drivers who are considered high-risk by insurance companies will be charged higher rates compared to drivers who have clean records.


Although non-owner insurance has its benefits, don’t get it if you don’t need it. If you drive or rent a car only occasionally, it is not worth spending your money on this kind of insurance.


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