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It’s Time To Propose – Here’s What Not To Do

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There are some individuals that find the love of their life in high school, and others that are still looking for that special person well into their 40s and 50s. We all know that dating can be tough, and finding an incredible partner that compliments your personality can be tough. However, after a while, you might come to terms with the fact that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Of course, you want the proposal to be perfect. There are plenty of women out there that have imagined what their proposal would be like, what the ring would look like, and where it would happen. You may be in a relationship where your girlfriend has even dropped a hint or two. Either way, there are some definite things to avoid when it comes to popping the big question. Here are some things to consider.

Forget What To Say

This is an obvious one. You may know for a fact that your girlfriend is who you want to marry, but do you know how you want to word it? Are you a writer yourself, or do you have a friend that can help you express your emotions? This is a special moment for both of you, and getting on one knee simply isn’t enough.

How does she make you feel? What about your partner is different from other women? When did you know that she was “the one”? You can imagine how the moment can be ruined if you forget your words, or start stumbling. Consider practicing in the mirror, then with a friend that can give you some honest feedback.

Tell Everyone

Yes, you might be excited – but this doesn’t mean that you should let the world know that you PLAN on popping the question. There will be plenty of time for friends and relatives to find out on their own, considering that getting married is usually big news. If your girlfriend finds out that you plan on asking for her hand in marriage, it might get back to her!

One of the greatest things about asking a woman to marry you is the element of surprise. She might have been waiting for a while, and thought that you would ask the question various times. When you finally do – you don’t want her to have heard about it around town.

Rush It

If you have a plan on how to propose – don’t start rushing things just because you are excited. For example, you might have the perfect plan in mind to propose on a beach during an upcoming vacation. If you get too anxious and ask her before you leave for your Hawaii trip – the moment can’t be repeated. Remember that you might spend the rest of your life with this woman, and she will always remember THE WAY you asked. Don’t rush it if it means that the moment will be compromised.

Go Public

Yes, there are plenty of people who have been public about their proposal. You should consider whether this is really the route you want to go, though. Of course, you should also take into consideration your relationship dynamic.

You may be in a relationship with someone who believes that public proposals are a bit shameless and manipulative. If you are unsure, you might want to ask for her opinion on a Youtube proposal video and listen to her thoughts on it. Your girlfriend might be fine with a public proposal, but you should think twice about whether that’s the best idea. If you are proposing in public in order to increase the chances that she will say “yes” – don’t propose in public.

Marriage is still sacred to many, and asking someone to marry you is a special moment. Make sure that she knows that you consider it special, that you’ve chosen your words carefully, and that you understand her in a way that other men don’t. Good luck!


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