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Slice doesn’t make average or ordinary box cutters. Slice makes dependable tools that give you a cutting edge advantage, no matter what project you decide to tackle. If there’s a do-it-yourself project you need to do or an everyday carry (EDC) task you need to complete, Slice blades can get it done.

As a brand, Slice is innovative, with gear that is tough but designed to keep you safe from ugly cuts and brutal lacerations. You also won’t have to worry about changing blades all the time because Slice blades last up to 11 times longer. Here’s what else you need to know.

Unique Blade Technology

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a blade that can’t perform when you need it to. Slice blades are uniquely designed to be completely different from the average metal blade. Made from ceramic zirconium oxide, the Slice blade is extremely hard, non conductive, and anti-magnetic. It also will never rust or spark, and you don’t have to oil or lubricate it, making it maintenance-free. It has an impressive safety heat rating up to 1600 degrees Celsius and is even recyclable.

Another major difference is in the way Slice blades are manufactured. The blade itself is wider and thicker than a traditional blade edge, and is sharpened in such a way that it easily cuts through cardboard, corrugated packaging, or plastic film while still being safe to touch. The creative grind angle disperses cutting pressure, making it much more difficult to accidentally cut through skin. This is what Slice calls finger-friendly® blade technology, and it is a game changer for safety.

If you’re worried about keeping an extra tool around to change blades, don’t. There’s no need with these tools. Additionally, Slice blades outlast metal blades up to 11 times longer. This means Slice box cutters give you more performance time with less maintenance downtime.

Handles With Options

At Slice, the blade isn’t the only thing that is built for amazing performance and durability. Slice handles are tough and ingenious too. Made from durable materials, such as glass-filled nylon, they are designed to fit well in your hand and be easy to grip. Slice knows that having a handle that gives you lots of control and feels good to hold is important. Because of this, they have created a variety of handle shapes to choose from.

The Slice Manual Box Cutter, for example, features a J-hook shape that protects your hand in more ways than one. For starters, it is ergonomic, requiring less muscle effort and strain to operate. Even with repetitive use, there is better protection for your wrist muscles and tendons. Secondly, the curved handle design wraps around your hand, protecting it from hazards like staples. When you need a break, it also easily hooks on your pocket or tool bag.

Additionally, every Slice box cutter handle is created for ambidextrous use. So, whether you work with your right hand or your left, you can be confident that you will always have a tool that is ready when you are. If you’re working with a team who has varying dominant hands, you know you’ve got a tool on hand that the whole crew can use.

Built-In Features

Slice tools are more than awesome blades and handles, though. Each individual product has its own set of built-in features for convenience, safety, and storage. The Slice Manual Mini Cutter is easy to keep handy on the fridge or on the side of a toolbox, thanks to the integrated magnet. Do you prefer to store your cutting tools using a hook, lanyard, or clip? Slice has those preferences covered, too. 

Choose from different kinds of retraction features, giving you the freedom to use the one that works best for your specific needs. Slice’s Manual Cutters put you in the driver’s seat. They have slider buttons that operate manually for opening and closing of the blade, as well as adjustments to give you just the right blade exposure.

If you really only need a standard blade depth, Slice’s auto-retractable tools prevent accidental cuts by limiting blade exposure and automatically retracting the blade into the handle when the slide button is released. Their smart-retracting blades take safety innovations one step further, by incorporating a special mechanism that senses blade pressure and retracts the blade if contact with the cutting surface is lost or if the slide button is released.

Top-Notch Value and a Good Cause

At Slice, there are five values that are at the heart of everything they do. These are safety, innovation, quality, community, and simplicity. Essentially, Slice is a company that spends all of their time creating intuitive products that help reduce injuries and limit accidents. Since their inception in 2008, Slice has built a line of award-winning safety cutters that are used and trusted by industries all over the world, including more than half of the companies on the Fortune 1000 list.

How to Buy Slice Products

Whether you are looking for a compact box cutter to open home delivery packages, a standard utility knife for do-it-yourself home projects, or a durable blade to use at work, Slice has a tool for you. The full line of Slice tools are available to purchase at Find out what good design can do to put you on the cutting edge.

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