How to grow taller

For the most part, growing taller isn’t something you can influence a lot on your own. Your height is mostly determined by the genes that run in your family. If your family members are short, you may have trouble reaching an average height.

But this does not mean that if your parents and family members are tall, you too will be tall. In fact, height is also influenced by your environment which includes diet, exercise, how much you sleep, and your stress levels.

Any problems within your diet, exercise, or sleep quality can significantly impact your height during your teens. Even if your parents and family members are tall, if you do not take good care of your environment, you may never grow as tall as your peers.

To make sure that never happens, try adapting a healthy lifestyle. Below are some tips to encourage healthy living.


Sleep quality is one of the most important things to look after, especially if you are still in your growth phase. Most of your growth hormones are released during sleep. This means that most of your height will also increase while you sleep.

According to medical experts, young adults in their teens require a good sleep of 8 or more hours to ensure they fully grow to their maximum potential. To get good sleep, try and improve your sleeping environment.

Often times the way you sleep can affect how long and comfortable you sleep. While sleeping, you have to make sure that your position is straight throughout the night. This not only helps you get a comfortable sleep but also makes sure that your spine stays straight. When your spine is straight, your posture is improved and with improved posture, you look taller.

Changes in your diet

Teenagers are often quite adventurous and never really settle for a set diet. This means that they eat a lot of junk food, sodas, and other unhealthy stuff which affects their overall growth.

To grow taller than your average human being, it is crucial that you look after your diet and avoid all the bad stuff. Reach out for food that is rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Try going for salads, lean protein, fish, whole foods, lentils, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables. When you combine these things together in a meal, you get enough minerals, vitamins, and important nutrients to grow your maximum height.


If you’re not already part of your football team at school, then you should start looking for other ways to keep your physical activities to the maximum. Try playing basketball, go out for a swim, run or jog, or even join a gym.  Testosterone has an effect on growing.

Exercise really helps the body open up and thus enabling it to grow better. If you’re not a fan of hard exercises that require a lot of effort, you can also try stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises play an important role in strengthening your spine. These exercises are proven to help people grow a few extra inches when done correctly.




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