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The Professional`s Choice – Exploring The Durability & Style Of Leather Briefcases

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Original leather is a go to pick for most professionals when they are deciding on their work bag.

It`s an opulent material with natural vibrancy and grace. It`s durable, ages beautifully providing you with a work bag that is fit for the long haul. Compared to backpacks, satchel, totes etc., the leather briefcase is a distinguished and respected design among work bags, in high demand among professionals of different expertise, come let`s find out why.

Leather Briefcase Is A Serious Work Bag

Being a professional, you know there`s miniscule room to muck up. You`re expected to be up for the challenge and business ready. There isn’t much space for clumsiness and casualness in the modern corporate business environment. A leather briefcase walks that talk for you at the work space. It`s a subliminal constant message to your work audience, you`re the real deal. 

Yes, the leather laptop backpack has acquired a following among tech & marketing professionals, but the leather briefcase is a much more professional looking work bag anytime compared to a backpack or satchel.

A Signature Style Statement For Your Work Personality

Know this well, your perseverance at your daily tasks isn`t a sole guarantor that you will climb up the corporate ladder as well. How you carry yourself at work, the watch that you wear, the fabric that you  adorn and the bag that you hold, all come together to build you brand image. They all signify who you are and people judge you accordingly. 

With latest techniques, leather manufacturers have been able to give uniquely attractive shades to leather hides giving us leather briefcases in different graceful leather hues and finishes. 

While you have the decent black leather briefcase, the timeless brown leather briefcase in its variety of different vintage shades is a great option to choose from to create an electrifying charming image at work.

In fact, your leather briefcase can be the single most prominent accessory you carry to work. Get known around your work space for your rich taste in high end style while earning all the brownie points in the eyes of your appraiser through a leather briefcase.

Unmatched Durability

If you want to get rid of the revolving door you`re stuck into, buying a work bag after every couple of years, buying a briefcase crafted with leather is the thing to do. But hey, you need to check on these things before making your final decision on a design you like.

  • Buy real leather briefcase only. Original leather briefcase crafted with preferably full grain cow hide or buffalo leather is the sturdiest bag you can buy on the planet. With certain care, your leather briefcase is going to last you a lifetime. 
  • Many different brands offer `Genuine leather briefcase` which is the lowest grade of leather coated with shiny plating to give appearance of high quality premium material. It can also be leather wastage mixed with other synthetic material to give you a meshed substance that can be used to make briefcase that are then termed as leather briefcase.
  • `Full Grain Leather` is the top, most durable part of a leather hide. It’s the toughest material available that can be used to make a briefcase.  
  • `Top Grain Leather` is acquired after buffing the top most grain of leather to arrive at a more uniform surface. This is also a pretty durable leather grade which is more pliable compared to Full Grain Leather and easier to use for craftsmen. 

Many different designs of mens leather briefcase are often crafted with the thickest grade of leather i.e. Full Grain Leather. They are the toughest work bags you can get your hands on, ready to take the beating day in and day out. If you intend to buy a work bag once and for all, invest in a leather briefcase made with full grain or top grain leather. 

Storage Miracle & Function Focused

Crafted by expert hands with modern craftsmen techniques, you get a plethora of smart storage options in the once plain storage briefcase having a single central compartment only.

Let`s identify some versatile storage options most leather briefcases have nowadays:

  • Laptop storage chamber.
  • Central compartment for work briefs, documents etc.
  • Dual Central Chambers – Certain leather briefcase designs come with twin central compartments with one having a laptop sleeve and sufficient excess space for docs, papers etc. while the other provides additional storage.  
  • Additional tech gadget storage chamber (In addition to laptop storage compartment – For IPAD, Tablet etc.)
  • Internal zipper pocket for keeping valuables, charger, wallets and anything you want to keep separate from residents of the central compartment etc.
  • Card holder slots. 
  • Slots/loops to hang pens, key chains, charger wires etc. 
  • Inner mesh pockets to carry excess diaries, note books, toiletries or anything in excess. 
  • External pockets at front and back – Carry sun glasses, newspapers, magazines, additional documents, notebooks, ID card etc. required at short grasp.
  • Side pockets – Normally carry water bottle or other liquid containers (But can be used to hold other items of course) 
  • Luggage Carry On Strap – These are also called trolley straps that allow for attaching your briefcase to trolleys allowing convenience while you make airport transfers etc. 
  • Customized Leather Briefcase – Customization is a great way to have custom slot options ingrained in a particular design of briefcase you like. You can have storage options placed specifically according to your need for keeping different items at specific places in the briefcase bringing great ease in function. 

Final Word

Leather briefcase for men is a great option for gift on a special occasion for that special one in your life. It speaks professional style and can handle the challenge of your rigorous work routine for years to come. Crafted with original leather and if taken care of, it`s going to develop a special vintage character overtime, something you will be proud of to reveal to your coming generations. 


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