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Escape to Palm Springs in the 2025 Mazda CX-70

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Jet set to Palm Springs with SWAGGER and Mazda

Desert hot springs, an aerial tramway, and Elvis’ Honeymoon Pad, oh my!

After leaving Toronto for Palm Springs, we couldn’t resist cueing up Phantom Planet’s hit song “California,” famously known as the theme song from The O.C. Having previously visited major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, Palm Springs is a destination I’ve been wanting to check off my bucket list. Known as the home of the “Insta-famous” Coachella Valley Music Festival, Palm Springs is a city enriched with American history, architecture, serene views, and so much more.

Photo Credits: Avery Peechatka

If you’ve visited California before, chances are you know that having access to a vehicle is essential for your trip. Thankfully, Mazda generously handed us the keys to two of their brand-new 2025 vehicles: the CX-70 MHEV and CX-70 PHEV hybrid, which truly set the tone for the start of an unforgettable adventure in the desert. 

After checking into our home away from home, Two Bunch Palms in the Desert Hot Springs, we hopped in the Mazda 2025 CX-70 MHEV and headed to the world-renowned Indian Wells Golf Course. First impressions matter, and the moment we stepped into the CX-70 MHEV, we were struck by its modern and luxurious feel. The interior of the vehicle boasted elegant tan Nappa leather on the dashboard and seats. Designed to pamper, the CX-70 MHEV featured fast-heating seats, wireless and wired phone charging stations, a large digital navigation system, a panoramic sunroof, an upgraded audio system, and a cooling AC system—the ultimate essential for the Palm Springs heat. The layout of the vehicle was intuitive, with every control feature easily accessible. Deciding to take the scenic route, we drove through the Coachella Valley, and we were very pleased with how our vehicle offered a smooth, responsive drive through the desert roads. 

Photo Credits: Avery Peechatka

Upon arrival at the Indian Wells Golf Course, we took part in a cooking class led by the course’s head chefs and then worked on refining our golf swing. The golf course is famously known for hosting the most prestigious BNP Paribas Open and has been ranked among the top golf courses in the United States. As we watched the sunset, we headed back to our home base in the Desert Hot Springs.

Two Bunch Palms is a contemporary wellness resort known for its natural hot springs and peaceful atmosphere—think tranquility meets luxury. Guests can enjoy weekly programming, workshops, and private enrichment sessions, along with yoga, spa experiences, and, of course, the natural hot springs. Nestled amid the Desert Hot Springs, this serene wellness escape is a quick 20-minute drive from Palm Springs and is the perfect escape from the everyday “hustle and bustle.” Rumour has it that the resort’s grounds once served as a desert hideaway for the infamous real-life “Scarface” himself, Al Capone, during the Prohibition era. The grounds are lush and meticulously maintained, with winding paths leading to secluded nooks where guests can unwind in privacy. 

Two Bunch Palms

Day two began with a rejuvenating sound bath at Two Bunch Palms, which set a tranquil tone for the day (think meditation meets ASMR). After a hearty breakfast, we switched to the 2025 Mazda CX-70 PHEV Hybrid to travel to our next destination in style. The CX-70 PHEV showed us that an eco-friendly vehicle can encompass a blend of modern design and cutting-edge technology. While this car is a plug-in hybrid, it also has a responsive gasoline engine with an electric motor that offers a seamless transition between electric and hybrid driving modes. This allows for the flexibility of electric modes for short-term drives and impressive fuel efficiency for those longer journeys. The CX-70 PHEV was the perfect vehicle for our scenic journey through the mountains as we headed to one of Palm Springs’ most famous attractions: the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. 

Known as the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world, this famous landmark transports visitors on an ascent of over 2.5 miles from the desert floor to the San Jacinto Mountains. The ride on the tramway is approximately 15 minutes each way and offers stunning panoramic views. Once you reach the top of the mountains, you can explore hiking trails, nature walks, camping, and more. If you’re visiting Palm Springs, this is an experience I highly recommend, especially if you love the great outdoors. To alleviate our post-hike fatigue, we headed back to Two Bunch Palms for sunbathing and a soak in the natural hot springs. If you’ve ever been to a hot spring, you’ll know it’s a unique experience. It almost feels like a warm bath or a hot tub, but is even more spectacular thanks to Mother Earth generating the heat and natural minerals.

Two Bunch Palms

Deciding to make the most of our time in Palm Springs, we freshened up and took the CX-70 MHEV to the iconic In-N-Out Burger for a classic double-double cheeseburger. This is a must-have burger anytime I visit a U.S. state with a location (hello, LA and Las Vegas). We then checked an iconic landmark off our bucket list by visiting Elvis’ Honeymoon Hideaway. This mid-century gem was built in 1960 by renowned architect Robert Alexander. The house is famed for its futuristic design and was the honeymoon destination for Elvis and Priscilla Presley in 1967. Palm Springs is known to have the largest quantity of preserved mid-century modern architecture in the world. As a fan of music and mid-century design, I was extremely grateful to have the opportunity to visit this historical landmark. 

Elvis Presley’s Honeymoon Hideaway

As we drove back to Two Bunch Palms through the Coachella Valley, a small sandstorm rolled in, but the CX-70 MHEV handled the rough conditions like a champ, thanks to Mazda’s commitment to safety and performance. Back at Two Bunch Palms, our farewell dinner was a time to reflect on the last two days. The resort’s food and beverages throughout our stay were delicious, featuring a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Palm Springs, with its vast desert landscapes and mid-century modern architecture, is a place that’s best experienced with a car, as the distances are vast and the terrain varies. The Mazda CX-70s were the perfect fit for us; the comfort and performance matched the location’s laid-back and adventurous vibe. Both CX-70s had plenty of cargo space for all our gear, from golf clubs to hiking boots, and the nav system never missed a turn.

Mazda CX-70 2025

Mazda’s latest survey shows a trend among Gen X and Baby Boomers—a zest for adventure and new experiences. With vehicles like the CX-70 MHEV and PHEV, Mazda is in tune with this demographic, offering cars that blend luxury, performance, and practicality. The CX-70s design, powerful and efficient engines, and spacious interiors make it an ideal choice for those who refuse to slow down in this fast-paced world. The attention to detail in the CX-70s design is evident in every stitch and surface, creating an environment that is both comfortable and sophisticated. Whether cruising down the highway or navigating twisty mountain roads, the CX-70 delivers an engaging and rewarding driving experience.

The 2025 Mazda CX-70 MHEV and PHEV exceeded our expectations and were the perfect cars for a weekend getaway. Every mile we drove revealed new discoveries and a deeper love for Palm Springs, a place that embodies California’s coolness. The style, comfort, and performance of each vehicle made our desert trip an experience that will stay with us for years to come. 

Executive Editor: Kristen Anzelc
Copy Editor: Nadia Pereira
Hero Image Credit: Avery Peechatka


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