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How To Kiss A Girl The Way A Girl Wants To Be Kissed

If you think that a kiss is nothing but a stepping stone to a woman’s bed, then you’re missing out. There is more to gain in knowing how to how to kiss a girl.

Yes, kissing is just “first base,” but when done right, it can also be one of the most powerful acts of intimacy.

First, let’s be clear about this.

A good kiss is nothing like the first time you awkwardly exchanged saliva with your science lab partner decades ago (let’s not call that a kiss). Nor is it like your last make out session with a drunk girl who made you feel like you were locking lips with a cold fish.


A good kiss is simple but memorable, dare we even say magical. It’s a body-shaking experience that’s playful and passionate at the same time.

Think whimpers of anticipation, intense eye contact, slow breaths, light suction, and a soft bite with  just a hint of tongue. Really, it will light your brain on fire.

Truth is, most men kiss poorly because they don’t see its value. They rush through it because they’re always thinking about the things up ahead. Big mistake!

Pro tip: Treat kissing like it’s the main event and your life will change forever. Knowing that you are a talented kisser will boost your confidence and help you win over any woman you want.

As with all things, you can learn how to improve your kissing skills. Here are are tried-and-tested tips that will make you Mr. Smooth Kisser in no time:

  1. Make Sure You’re Ready For Action

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Even if you look like Channing Tatum, she will pull away if you have dog breath.

Brush your teeth, pack a gum, avoid funky food and keep things minty if you’re planning to kiss someone.

Also, moisten up your lips. You wouldn’t want her to feel like she’s locking lips with sandpaper. Applying a little lip balm before meeting up with her wouldn’t hurt, too! It’s 2018 and men’s grooming is a must.

  1. Do Build Up Anticipation

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Resist the urge to jump on her face as soon as the opportunity comes up.

Use a slow build up to make her want to kiss you, too.

How do you that? Sit a little closer, maintain eye contact, breathe a little above her collarbone, maybe whisper something on her ear, then pull away just when the sexual tension is at its peak.

Knowing how to wait a little shows her that you are in control. Don’t go for the kill too fast. Send subtle signs and pay attention to how she reacts.

Depending on your relationship with the woman, you might want to be straightforward and ask, “Can I kiss you?” But more often than not, a kiss will begin with sudden silence and the urge to just be close to each other. You’ll feel the sexual energy.

Learn how to listen to your manly instincts when comes to timing -t he more you practice this, the easier it becomes.

Lean in slowly and confidently (hesitation is a big turn off!) you might even want to touch her face first. Make her feel your breath. Close your eyes… and then boom. There you have it.

  1. Use Your Lips

Don’t forget that kissing primarily involves the lips, so even if it’s tempting to lick her face or to just shove your tongue down her mouth, please don’t. This is a sloppy and messy approach.

At the beginning, less is more.

DO start soft and slow.

DO kiss her lips one at a time.

DO keep the sexual tension. Make her wonder what you will do next.

DON’T suck her entire mouth.

DON’T force your tongue in her mouth

DON’T be too aggressive.


And before you do anything more passionate, wait for her response. Which brings us to our next point.

  1. Kissing Is A Two-Way Street

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It’s like a conversation. It’s like a dance.

You have to observe how she is reacting to your moves. Does it feel like she’s enjoying? Or is she just pulling away?

If you feel like her body is stiffening up and she’s not responsive to your moves, then just stop (Hey, even the best of us get this.) Maybe you can try again next time.

On the other hand, if you feel like her breath is going faster and her kisses are getting harder and deeper, then she’s desperate for you to turn up the heat.

You can start opening your mouth wider and really make out with passion.

To be honest, it’s hard to fake passion when kissing. So try to really feel it. Appreciate the moment. You might even want to kiss your partner’s ears, chin, and neck.

Don’t forget to stop once in a while. Take a pause and dive right back in.

  1. Don’t Forget The Non-Kissing Parts Of Kissing

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Here’s your license to be creative with your other body parts. Use your hands and your breath to make her feel sexy. Play with her hair. Hold her close.

Make her feel your kiss with all your five senses… with your entire body.

Don’t just let your hands droop to your sides. Hold her. Chances are, she will hold you right back too. Encourage her with your soft, sensual touches. The transition from a romantic kiss to a passionate and sexy kiss is a bit tricky, but it will be so much easier if she’s in the mood too.

Bursts of passion are amazing but don’t forget to go back to relaxed kissing every few minutes to change things up. Monotony can be amazingly boring.

Last Few Words….

You don’t need to print this article and hide it on your pocket the next time you go out on a date.

You already have the good kisser in you… but you have to unleash it by switching to the right mindset.

Unlearn everything you know about the “first base” and exert effort to bring up your kissing technique.

Value the kiss and everything will fall into place much smoother.

And don’t forget to explore and always be on the lookout for ways to spice things up.


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