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How to Bet with Paypal at Sports betting sites

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In 2022 with so many betting sites that have a growing number of payment methods, there’s no excuse not to find the one that suits you perfectly. PayPal remains a popular payment method for many people – it’s perhaps the only online solution that even our grandmas can use. Fortunately, there are plenty of bookies with PayPal as an option, too.

Benefits of using PayPal

PayPal is a totally legal way to fund your betting online in 2022 and is one of the most reliable payment solution platforms in the world. The US (only some states) along with a plethora of countries in Europe make it legal to bet with PayPal. PayPal does a great job at organising refunds and offering security, which is why it become the dominant form of payment on eBay, helping reduce scams and dissatisfied customers.

Because it’s so solid, it can help us identify credible betting sites too. Less than credible betting sites are more likely to offer cryptocurrencies and such as a payment method, whilst PayPal remains an indicator of quality (though this indicator shouldn’t be relied upon 100%, always do your own research into the platform that you use).

PayPal is convenient because of its easy login method of using an email and password. There’s no need to find the 16-digit pin for your bank card when using it for depositing at a bookies. Furthermore, PayPal transactions tend to be very fast unlike certain wire transfers and obscure payment platforms.

What’s also good about using PayPal is that there is an element of anonymity. The transactions are not only more reliable, but the receiver of the PayPal transaction (i.e. the bookies) will only have your name and your email. The personal info attached to your bank (i.e. billing address) will not be attached. This may or may not matter to you, but it’s some extra anonymity that is rarely a bad thing.

How to Bet with PayPal

The first step is to browse a list of sites that use PayPal. There are many nowadays, from Bet365 to WilliamHill. However, it’s worth going a step further and also finding a company that offers a generous sign-up bonus. Promotions are the biggest benefit of betting online, as they’re a free way to get cash or free bets.

After picking a company, create and account by providing your personal information and possibly photocopying evidence of your ID/residency. When asked to deposit, find the e-wallet section and select PayPal. If you don’t already have PayPal, head to the PayPal homepage and create an account (opt for the personal account and complete the registration form). You will want to add your bank account or card to the PayPal account.

This highlights that really, you are still depositing with your bank but with PayPal as the (free) intermediary. It works well as an intermediary because of its easy log-ins and powerful infrastructure. It’s also nice not to have your card details saved with the bookies in case they’re saved in plain text or some other poor security practice.


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