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Is it Legal to Bet on Sports in Australia?

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Betting on Sports in Australia

More than $810 million was made by Australian betting companies back in 2015 from sports wagering on its own, making it a massive sector here. Due to a rise in demand in 2016, the Parliament of Australia passed a law prohibiting the use of in-game betting applications. Live in-game bets have been removed from Australian sportsbooks’ offerings to gamblers of sports, but online gambling is still widely known.

It is discussed elaborately how Australian law currently stands with regards to wagering in sports at this time. It also explains the finest sportsbooks Australian gamblers prefer to use, as well as figuring out the variables you should keep in mind when selecting a bookie website. You must be able to locate a secure, safe betting company with quick withdrawals, huge welcome rewards, and a wide variety of sports markets for Australians, as they have multiple choices.

Additionally, there are multiple betting providers available on the market. This gives you the opportunity to choose from the top sports betting sites in Australia and see which one suits you the best. From this research, you will be able to list down all the potential sportsbooks that you found interesting and then slowly eliminate any sportsbooks that you found a flaw in. This would result in you choosing the sportsbook that best fits your betting needs the best.

The Legality of Sports Betting in Australia

Brick-and-mortar and internet betting on sports are presently permitted by the government of Australia.  Despite the fact that many territories and states allow sports wagering, each has its own set of rules. The IGA 2016, where it did not become legislation till August of that year, had a negative impact on mobile sports betting. As a result of the prohibition on live wagering in Australia, the amount of betting sites available to punters continues to remain the same.

Check up on recent gaming legislation being debated both by state and national legislatures if you want to stay up to date on the legal aspects of sports gambling in Australia. Australian country gaming preferences are generally supported by the Coalition government, whereas other countries’ online gaming companies are viewed more negatively. Online gambling companies often seem to be more welcoming under the leadership of the Labour Party, which also currently sits on the opposite side of the government. Anti-online betting sentiment should last at least another year and a half. The reason being is that the next national election isn’t till 2019.

Online Sports Betting Security in Australia

Betting on Australian sporting events online is completely risk-free. Certified online betting companies must adhere to strict rules and regs in Australia, and it has one of, if not the world’s most well-established regulatory frameworks. Betting sites are constantly evaluated for security and fairness, and responsible gaming is the norm. Aussie sports bettors need not be concerned about the fair treatment, safety or protection of betting companies because third-party testers publish their research results.

Anti-gambling activist groups such as Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie have built a career out of their anti-gambling activism in Australia. While this gives rise to ever-changing legislation, it ensures that Australian betting companies are more inclined to consider self-harm — leading to safe and secure, more controlled wagering. For more information on how Australian law protects your online gaming, check out IGA 2016.

Catering To Sports Betting Fans In Australia

When it comes to sports wagering, internet betting companies in Australia go above and beyond to please their local customers. This includes providing lower wagering criteria, larger deposit rewards, and much more betting options. While English-language bookies continue to proliferate, it should go without simply stating that the currency of Australia (dollar) is an option.

All the major sports industries, such as soccer/football, tennis, horse racing, and cricket, can be wagered on by Australian betting companies. Everything from darts to MMA  can be wagered on by gamblers. e-Sports and transactions are permitted, as well as pool wagering and other forms of virtual sports wagering. In-play wagering seems to be the only choice that is not accessible to Australian gamblers. In this country, whatever additional services are provided by betting sites to their customers can provide a more satisfying experience for those customers’ customers.

The History of Sports Betting in Australia

Since the days when Australia was a British colony, Australians have been gambling. Hyde Park hosted the very first horse racing with betting in the year 1810. Queensland Turf Club (QTC) and South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC) were both established in 1863. Sydney Cup and Melbourne Cup were established in the 1860s. There was an Australian lottery in 1870, and a Tote Board was established in 1913. Poker machines were developed to NSW private establishments in 1956 by the New South Wales Betting and Gambling Bill. Formed in 1961, Tatts/Tabcorp is Australia’s biggest betting company. Clubs began operating in 1976.

For 16 years, Australia had legalized gambling online through the Interactive Gaming Act, which had been passed in the year 2001. As a result of IGA 2001, foreign tech professionals can now acknowledge Australian players in their mobile and online gaming operations. It was signed into law by Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government back in August 2017: the IGA 2016 bill. Online casinos were outlawed, but online betting sites were made legal. Because mobile phone sporting events bets were deemed a social issue, live-in-play wagering was outlawed. As a result, Australia is home to some of the top online betting sites in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, as well as numerous sports channels. However, you are unable to place live sports bets via a smartphone.


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