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Top 21 LinkedIn Newsletters to Subscribe To

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The top 21 LinkedIn newsletters that are essential for anyone serious about their professional growth. Make sure to check out the links below to subscribe and start transforming your professional journey today.

  1. The Daily Rundown

Ever wanted to start your day knowing more than your boss? Subscribe to The Daily Rundown for the latest global and local news. It’s like having a morning coffee with the headlines.

  1. The Deets by Authenticom

For all the auto enthusiasts and data geeks, The Deets dives into automotive data trends that could steer the future of cars. Definitely a must-read if you’re into gears and gigabytes.

  1. Tech Trends

Next up, Tech Trends—this is where you get your digital dose of the future. It’s like being part of an insider tech club, without the secret handshake.

  1. For The Man of Tomorrow

Introducing the SWAGGER Newsletter: For The Man of Tomorrow — your ultimate source for the latest in tech, gadgets, celebrity insights, entrepreneurial tips, and men’s lifestyle, all tailored for the forward-thinking man ready to take on the world.

5. Leadership Insights

Stepping up at number five, Leadership Insights. If you’re gunning for the corner office, this is your ladder. It’s like a weekly masterclass with the top brass from around the globe. Hosted by Tara Birch

  1. Eco Innovators

For those green at heart, Eco Innovators brings sustainability right to your inbox. It’s where going green and innovation meet, so you can help save the planet between your coffee breaks.

  1. Finance Frontiers

Number seven, Finance Frontiers. This newsletter demystifies Wall Street speak for the rest of us, making you sound like a financial whiz without the hefty tuition fees.

  1. The Future of Work

At eight, we’ve got The Future of Work. With insights on everything from remote work to the gig economy, it prepares you for the jobs of tomorrow, today.

  1. The Saturday Solopreneur

Check out Justin Welch’s Saturday Solopreneur newsletter—it’s a no-fluff, all-action guide that’s perfect for anyone hustling to make their mark solo. Why follow him? Because he keeps it real and makes the tough stuff look easy.

  1. The Founder OS

Coming in at ten, Tap into The Founder OS Newsletter to supercharge your personal brand and community; it’s your three-minute weekly power-up, delivering sharp, actionable insights straight to your inbox.

  1. The Keyword Co.

Number eleven, The Keyword Co. Join over 150,000 readers with The Keyword Co. newsletter, your Monday morning roundup of bite-size digital marketing essentials, packing everything you need to know into a quick, powerful read.

  1. Marketing Magic

Twelve is for the marketeers. Marketing Magic gives you the latest strategies to capture hearts and clicks. Because in marketing, love at first sight is actually a thing.

  1. Data-Driven Decisions

Next at thirteen, Data-Driven Decisions. If data is the new oil, this newsletter is your drilling rig. Tap into it for insights that fuel smarter business moves.

  1. Entrepreneur Essentials

Number fourteen, Entrepreneur Essentials. This is for the startup heroes who eat obstacles for breakfast. Get a dose of motivation and know-how that’ll keep you charging ahead.

  1. The Art of Networking

Fifteen is The Art of Networking. This one teaches you to network like a pro—because who you know might just be what you need to know.

  1. The Daily Sales

At sixteen, The Daily Sales. Whether you’re selling software or ceramic pots, this newsletter helps you close deals faster than you can say ‘Sold!’

  1. HR Horizon

Seventeen brings us HR Horizon. From recruitment tips to culture building, it’s the HR manager’s best friend—minus the paperwork.

  1. Design Delights

Eighteen is all about aesthetics with Design Delights. It’s your eye candy source for design trends, tips, and inspiration that will make your projects pop.

19. Weekly Blockchain & Crypto Digest

Nineteen, Stay ahead of the curve with the “Weekly Blockchain & Crypto Digest,” where you’ll get the latest trends and essential updates in the crypto world, making it a must-follow for anyone invested in the future of finance.

  1. Neil Patel

And at twenty, Neil Patel. Follow Neil Patel’s Proven Marketing Tips Right to Your Inbox for cutting-edge strategies and insider tips that can transform your marketing game, delivered directly from one of the industry’s top minds.

  1. The Mindful Professional

Last but not least, number twenty-one, The Mindful Professional. It’s about bringing zen to your professional life—think of it as meditation meets motivation.

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