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The controversial Gucci Prophet made this statement in one of his daily live Facebook recordings while blasting African Prophets for enriching themselves with church money.

He recently went out to hospitals in Cameroon and financially assisted people who were ill and could not afford hospital bills. Much of his charity is focused on helping widows and orphans, over the years Apostle JP has travelled all over Africa to give cash donations, food and clothing to those in need but this time was especially important to him because it was his first time giving in his home country Cameroon.

Many humanitarian organizations in South Africa has honoured him for the great role he has played in rehabilitating kids who were on drugs and growing up in gang related areas. While visiting Cameroon to introduce his DINAYEN TV Channel, Apostle JP M Dinayen went out to donate food parcels and money to 37 internally displaced families and two orphanages .


“I am putting money to good use and I am putting a smile on the faces of those who are in need, I believe love is the motive for my philanthropic work” he said in an interview with local television channels in Cameroon.

Many says his charity is a quick fame scheme; In response to those who criticised him for publishing all his Charity works on his Facebook page, he responded by saying “The reason we feel the need to publish our charity is to simply inspire others to do the same, but most importantly to also motivate people who can donate towards this work. It is not for fame as many say, I am an international speaker hence I am already well-known.”

The self-proclaimed “Apostle of Power” has recently released 4 ebooks in an attempt to encourage young pastors to make extra streams of income. He is quoted in a recent interview to have said “I have seen so many pastors struggling to keep their church doors open because they lack financial aid. This is why I advocate that every pastor, young and mature, should explore external streams of income besides church income so that they never have to compromise in their ministries”.

The 4 books of Apostle JP M Dinayen have since sold over 3 000 copies with the best seller titled “Witchcraft Exposed”. The second-best seller which was titled “Victory in the Storm” also had a great response from his online followers.

The third best was one titled “Why are they jealous of me” and this particular book is said to have more sales in Africa then any of the others. The last book was titled “20 Prayers for Single Ladies” inspired by his female-dominated following who would often send the same prayer request – marriage.

Apostle JP M Dinayen advocates that every pastor should not depend on church offering and tithe only to make an income for their ministries, but also explore external business ideas that will also ensure that they never have to close their church doors because of lack of income.

Do you think this is a good stance coming from a pastor? Do you also think pastors should run businesses instead of depending on church income only?


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