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Mike Diamond – seeing life through a different lens

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Mike Diamond was born on June 14th, 1972 in Perth, Western Australia. He is commonly known as the acclaimed author of “7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset”, sought after Motivational Speaker, Professional Interventionist, T.V. Personality and Actor.

Headed into this there were many things I heard about the renowned Mike Diamond. This jack of all trades is an author, acts, produces TV shows, is a guinness world record holder, bodybuilder, professional interventionist and more. His widely acclaimed book “7 Steps to an Unbreakable Mindset” is widely known around the world. The book takes you on a journey through what is holding you back in your life and what barriers you need to break through to succeed. Not only was the book amazing but everything I had read about Mike Diamond was even more amazing. Here is the story about how I met author Mike Diamond and how he changed my life. 

Lately, especially after the past two years of covid and isolation, I just felt like I was in a funk. Something just felt off and I couldn’t figure out what it was. No matter what I tried or what I read, I just felt stuck and couldn’t get out of it. I was talking to a friend of mine when she recommended I watch a video that might help titled “Surround yourself with people that drive you”. In the video was Mike Diamond, he was full of energy and passion. Mike went on to talk about his concepts of anchors and engines. You either surround yourself with people that drive you like an engine or people who hold you back like anchors. This really hit home with me and started me thinking about where I was but because of the never ending pandemic I wasn’t around anyone. I really enjoyed what I had heard so far, and wanted to learn more about him. 

Mike Diamond has an amazing story, not only is he an author but he has so many accomplishments it’s hard to list them all. Mike holds a Guinness World record for running 30 half marathons in 30 days, I also must mention he had a hernia at the time. He did this for an amazing reason to create awareness and raise money for a little girl named Layla, who suffers from a very rare autoimmune deficiency. He also was a competitive bodybuilder. He is a highly in demand motivational speaker. He is a professional interventionist and mentor for people who suffer from addictions. He also is a producer of a hit TV show called bondi ink. As you can see, the list goes on and on for Mike Diamond.

I quickly purchased his book on Amazon and was absolutely blown away while reading it. There was so much great advice and lessons to be learned. I immediately wanted to know more and sat down with Mike to interview him and learn about his process. How could a man of so many talents possibly function at this level? I finally was able to get a hold of him with his insanely busy schedule and set up a time to meet for an interview. Due to his complex schedule and style he only agreed to meet me at 5:30 am sharp and at the entrance to Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Being the healer that Mike is, he wasn’t really interested in doing an “interview” but was interested in taking me on a spiritual journey at sunrise.

It was early morning and I was half awake when I walked up to Mike at Griffith Park. He was immediately energetic and engaging, it was like seeing an old friend that I had not seen in years. He smiled and gave me a handshake that had a different vibe to it. It wasn’t the usual boring pleasantries but Mike actually conveyed positivity.

Mike’s energy is filled with enthusiasm. He told me that he loves to hike because, “When you have an issue or problem you can work this issue out much better while on a hike or walk as opposed to the usual sitting”.He continued. “Momentum creates momentum. Here you are in nature and out of your car breathing the fresh air”. He added, “Your car is a box, you’re typing on a box, you’re living in a box…get out and get back to nature. It helps the holistic brain get creative.” He also suggested doing this without music in order to be connected.

He was right…I was stuck in a box, worked in a box. I hardly went outside anymore. Maybe that was the reason I was in a funk. I think I knew these things, but why was I not doing something about it?

At the top of Griffith Park there is an Observatory for looking at stars. Once we arrived there Mike started talking about something I found very interesting. When you are focused on yourself, you are not observing outside. Think about it, look at where we are. We are at a place where people go to observe the universe. They look through a lens, if the lens is dirty you can’t see the beauty of the universe all you see is the dirt. To change your perspective you just need to clean your lens. Stop looking inside and start looking outside. If you can’t get to nature, pull up a screenshot of nature, it will help calm your mind. Seeing something and viewing something that is serene will give you some serenity.”

He was right, I had been spending all of this time in isolation from COVID looking for external validation and stimulation. When really it wasn’t the world that needed to change but me and my perception inward. After a few more moments at the summit it was time to head back down the mountain. I had learned a lot from Mike and a lot about myself as well. He has that effect on people. Our time had come to an end and as Mike was onto his next mission. A flight out to Washington D.C. to help a client who was dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. Just another day in the life of Mike Diamond.


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