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How To Win Money In The Online Casino?

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One of the most common questions players ask is, “Can I really win money at an online casino?” The correct answer depends on several factors, including your skills, style of play, the chosen casino, and a few others. Each of them will affect how much you win, or if you’ll get the reward money at all.

Because of the raging pandemic, many New Zealanders have lost their jobs, and this has led to an increase in the popularity of casino games as an opportunity to win money easily. More and more people are getting involved in virtual gambling, but many still wonder how to leave the casino with their pockets full. They really can do it, following some simple advice. 

Join the best online casinos

Do your research before registering and betting on a gaming website. Check how high the winnings are and how quickly the payouts are cashed out. Pay particular attention to the games’ compatibility with your desktop/mobile device. Reliable operators have proper licences proving their legality and honesty to their customers. To make sure you are dealing with the best online casino sites, read online reviews and study punters’ feedback that will point you in the right direction.

So, you should check the license, the portfolio, and the list of payment methods considering the speed of payments to get the best experience and avoid fraud by operators. While it does take some time to research casinos’ background, it is a must if you are going to play for real money and win regularly.

Don’t miss bonuses 

Do not ignore the opportunity to get free money. These days, NZ casinos offer bonuses and rewards to attract new players and maintain their existing customer base. Many of them involve a cash reward that boosts your bankroll. In some cases, you can win real money before making the first deposit!

  • No deposit bonus: sign up and get free money or a set of free spins. 
  • Welcome offer: create a new account, make a first deposit, and get its booster (100%, 200%, or more).
  • Refer-a-friend bonus: send an invitation to your friend, and once he/she accepts it, you’ll receive a matching reward. 
  • Free bonuses: some games have built-in bonuses. You can get free spins and other surprises while spinning the reels.
  • Loyalty program: If you’ve been playing for a while, the casino will reward you with exclusive rewards like cashback, VIP support, extended withdrawal limits, etc.

Bear in mind that every such bonus comes with requirements and conditions. There are wagering, time and maximum bets limits, and so on.

Choose low house edge games

So, you have chosen an establishment that meets your requirements and what’s next? The next step is to find low house edge games. The house edge is a measure of how much the club pays, and what chances the players have.

Video slots and slot machines are considered favourites in this regard. Their RTP (return to player) level often ranges from 94% to 98%, which indicates the punter’s chances of getting their bets back. This means that the house edge in such games is between 6% and 2%. 

The choice of table games should be approached just as responsibly. In American Roulette, for example, the odds are reduced because of the extra ‘00’ box, while European Roulette with a single ‘0’ looks more appealing. That’s how modern casinos make their money. 

Learn and use game strategies

Before starting any game, figure out how to win it. This is the purpose of your participation, right? As a rule, for this, you need to master at least basic strategies that lead to winning in most cases. Games where the main rivals of the player are other players require special tactics and different tricks, therefore there are a lot of strategies in poker and it is always important to have an “ace up your sleeve”. More advanced enthusiasts who know how to manage their stakes and which strategies to use often beat less informed opponents. 

When you sit down at the table and play for real money, you can never have too much information. However, not all casino games work on strategies that only make sense when you have patterns and statistics.

Put the alcohol away while playing

Many people gamble in casinos while sipping wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. This is rarely a good idea. This immediately puts you at a disadvantage because alcohol has several negative effects:

  • You lose control of time. 
  • You can’t assess the situation soberly. 
  • You stop managing your bankroll.

Any punter who is serious about gambling should always seriously strive to be on top of his game. Put the alcohol away while you’re placing bets and stay with a clear head.

Quit while you are winning

When a winning streak appears, some players want to continue in the hope of winning more. This is a popular trap that you can fall victim to at any time. Winning streaks end abruptly, so there is a risk that you will lose a big sum and walk away empty-handed. Set money limits and follow them throughout the gaming session.

When a winning streak appears, some players want to continue in the hope of winning more. This is a popular trap that you can fall victim to at any time. Winning streaks end abruptly, so there is a risk that you will lose a big sum and walk away empty-handed. Set money limits and follow them throughout the gaming session. It is best to leave the table when you are at the peak, or you have already reached your money limit. Victories don’t last forever.

Final thoughts 

Despite the gambling popularity in New Zealand, many punters still don’t believe they can win real money with their bets. It’s easy enough if you follow the advice above. Start by finding the right virtual casino. Make a deposit and grab one of the available bonuses. Find low house edge games, play within your limits, and remember – there is never a good time to walk away, so quit while you are winning!


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