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Since the internet’s inception, it didn’t take long before some of the world’s oldest trades, hobbies, and games were instantly available. The online casino is more popular than ever before, in part due to lockdown boredom and the temporary closures of physical casinos.

However, there’s a lot to take in with online casinos. There’s a ton of choice, a lot of promotional promises, and some scams. So, if you want to play online poker or slots, you may have different choices of casinos for each. For example, Tuskcasino covers a lot of ground, from slots to live card games.

Licensing and payment

First and foremost, it’s important to choose an online casino that is fully licensed and thus regulated to ensure your funds are somewhat safe. It is also worth analyzing if the casino is reputable too within the gaming community. This is the most important aspect of being safe online.

Secondly, it’s important to decide how you want to deposit and withdraw funds. Some casinos will accept PayPal, which may be convenient, whilst others will accept MasterCard. Ultimately, you want to find a casino that suits your preferred method and will facilitate both fast and free deposits and withdrawals.

If you’re looking to use cryptocurrency as payment, then there are some options. These crypto casinos tend to facilitate private, anonymous (doesn’t show up on your bank transactions) betting. But, these are also rife with low-quality sites and even outright scams due to having less regulation, so be extra careful with these.

Deciding what games you want to play

If you have watched poker on the TV or seen the movie 21, you may have a game that has an appeal. Otherwise, take a look on some casino sites before signing up to browse their games. Many online casinos will cover a wide variety of games, but it’s good to have a checklist in mind. Generally, we can break games down into: slot games, gamified games, card games, table games, bingo, among others.

Some places specialize in poker tournaments, for example, whilst others cover almost everything. If you’re into more passive games, perhaps because you don’t want to think after spending 9 hours in the office, then slots may be your game of choice. If you’re looking for something very active, intense, and requiring mental gymnastics, then poker is perhaps the better option. Otherwise, blackjack is a good in-between.

Demo accounts and money

If you’re new to gambling or certain games, it’s possible to play with fake money. This may be on a demo account, or it may be that there are free entries into games. For example, free spins on slots, or a poker tournament that requires no entry fee. This will let you suss out the games and see which you enjoy without anything at stake.

Furthermore, if you cannot decide between two casinos, simply pick the one with the better sign up bonus. Nowadays, almost every casino will have some sort of promotion to attract customers – there’s no shame in letting this be the deciding factor. Also, if there’s a choice between two different bonuses, then pick the one that is “no-deposit bonus” as this will mean getting the promotional money/credits without putting forward any of your own money. There’s less risk.

In fact, it would be unwise to stick with the same casino for years. If it’s your favorite one and nothing can top it, it’s understandable, but you have to at least try others. Not just because there may be better options out there, but because you can use up more available promotions at different casinos, essentially getting free spins, value, or outright cash.

Where are you going to play?

Finally, you should decide on how you’re going to play the games. If you’re only playing them on your laptop, perhaps because this is the best screen and you’re on it a lot anyway, then most sites will work – in particular, this is what poker sites specialize in. However, for mobile players, there are more factors to consider.

Just because they have an app in the Play Store, it doesn’t mean it’s usable and an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, just because a casino doesn’t have an app in the Play Store, it doesn’t mean the website will not be responsive and enjoyable on mobile. So, this is perhaps the trickiest part of the research and it’s also why trying out a variety of different places is ideal.

Final Word

Every week, more and more casinos crop up online. Some are great additions to the industry, some aren’t. It’s difficult to tell right away the legitimacy of the site, so make sure it’s licensed, secure, and reputable. Beyond this, simply choose the site that covers your needs the best. Take into account your deposit method, your preference of games, promotions, and what device you’re going to play on. If there are still many sites that fit the bill – why not try all of them and make the most of the promotional offers.


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