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Other than Bank Cards and E-wallets: Means of Payment in Online Casinos

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Are you looking for some new or advanced payment methods for online gambling? We’ve rounded up the opinion of old hands and listed all the hottest payment tools you can try right away. Read more for details!

While the online casino segment was just in its infancy, not all banking institutions willingly provided their services to gambling operators. Financial institutions often found reasons to refuse to transfer funds to a player as the payment was intended to be used for gambling purposes.

Sadly, even years later, the issue still exists in some parts of the world. That is why the virtual community resorts to more straightforward and convenient ways to deposit and withdraw funds. For their part, gaming platforms offered a wide range of modern and advanced payment services available to gamblers from all over the world.

Maximum Variety of Payment Methods

Gambling platforms have long understood that a large number of payment instruments can attract clients from all over the world. This is because some tools have a phenomenal transaction speed and can provide full anonymity of data.

In turn, players could refill their accounts using a mobile phone and withdraw funds at any convenient time. Moreover, users can place bets on the go and earn real cash prizes from anywhere globally where there is Internet coverage. In today’s article, you will learn about the most commonly used payment methods that have gained particular popularity among Internet users.


Almost every resident of Europe has these payment tools at hand. The brand has become one of the most respected companies that have earned tremendous trust in the virtual community. The most important advantage of the payment service is that it is available to international players. Moreover, almost every reputable casino offers it today. It should also be noted that Visa has a reasonably high transaction speed.


Perhaps this method is less popular than Visa. However, Bitcoin is gaining momentum every month. Maybe it will become the most used digital currency in the world. The thing is that cryptocurrency has unique advantages that are not available for other payment methods. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin may become a better alternative for the standard money used today.

More importantly, large casinos are expanding the list of their payment methods every year. Some of them have already added Bitcoin as a means of settlement. Check the top reliable operators that use the crypto payment now:

The main advantages of the payment method are the instant speed of financial transactions and 100% anonymity. Imagine that it takes no more than 2 minutes to reload your account. The withdrawal procedure is also speedy, as the money is credited to the client’s account within an hour.


The payment system has gained immense popularity among the virtual community. It is a universal electronic wallet. Due to the presence of a massive number of functions and settings, the payment method allows you to make financial transactions in the blink of an eye. To achieve the maximum security level of personal data, the service creators recommend using it together with a special ecoCard.


Online service has long been a global brand. A powerful and modern payment platform has competed with popular brands such as Neteller and PayPal. The most important advantage of the payment method is the ease of conducting financial transactions.


It is one of the most popular payment tools available in almost every online casino. The global payment system demonstrates a fantastic transaction speed, has the highest reliability level, and offers 100% guarantees for payments.


Most players consider this payment system to be the most famous e-wallet. The brand has become renowned for its excellent service level, ease of use, and high data protection. Notably, PayPal is growing its customer base every year, and it looks like it’s not going to stop.

4 Basic Principles When Choosing A Payment Method

Before registering on the online casino website, you should carefully study the available payment methods. Moreover, try to find information regarding the possible commission and conditions offered by the gambling operator. In order to choose the most optimal payment method, it is recommended to consider the following:

1. Before choosing one of the payment instruments, clarify such indicators as the minimum and maximum limits. In some cases, casino operators may overstate the minimum limit, especially for the most popular payment methods.
2. Be sure to research the average time it takes to complete a transaction with a particular payment service. Many players are accustomed to the fact that e-wallets allow funds to be credited as quickly as possible. However, be careful as this rule does not apply to all online casinos.
3. Sometimes virtual casinos allow gamblers to deposit and withdraw funds using two different payment instruments. Check if this condition is working on an online casino website. You can clarify this issue by contacting support.
4. Check out the promotions section before choosing a specific payment method. In some cases, a casino operator rewards users with exclusive deposit bonuses using special payment tools.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, it would help if you always remembered personal and financial data security. Don’t chase low fees or fast transaction speeds, especially when it comes to a little-known online payment service. Make your choice consciously so that gambling will bring you exceptional pleasure.


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