Rebuying and Adding-on Poker tournaments

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Gaming online has been increasing more and more every year and that has led many casinos to develop their own platforms for those who preferred staying at home rather than going to the traditional casino to have some fun. Nowadays, fortunately, for many people, more and more casinos have been developing this new way to access to casinos online.

There are as many casinos as games to gamble. Obviously, the most famous ones are available and in many different forms, too. Poker as it is one of the most played ones, has so many ways of playing it, which occasionally may generate some confusions.

Poker Varieties.

There are many varieties of poker games, Texas Holdem, Carribbean Poker, Texas Holdem Plus, Four Card Poker, among others.

However, most traditional poker games are those which adjust the rules to the more common way of playing this game that is the freezeout poker. In this kind of poker when players run out of chips, they are considered to lose the game and you cannot go back again into the game.

Whereas the other kind of game allowed to play is called rebuy poker. This specific variety consists of buying more chips whenever you lose your stack or if you are about to lose all the money, it is possible to rebuy more. 

Rebuy Poker Tournaments.

The rebuy poker tournaments are very different and unique compared to the traditional poker game, freezeout. If you are new to this format, it is important to understand what makes this format this way, that is to say, re-entry events. 

There are some aspects which define what makes rebuy poker different from any other format, namely: if you bust during the rebuy period, you can simply buy more chips; also, you can usually buy more chips if you fall below the starting stack; moreover, you can usually buy 2x the starting stack, and last, you often have an option for an add-on after the rebuy period.

So, let’s say that if you start with a specific number in chips. In most rebuys, you can immediately buy the same amount more, because usually buy for the buy in’s original price. If you lose everything you can buy one stack, or you can immediately go for two.

What this game offers is the possibility to stay in the same table for as long as you can, and you do not have to pay additional rake every time. It is important to highlight that there is a moment for everyone to go and make the rebuy, once it closes you are not allowed to buy, you missed your turn.

When referring to adds-on, those are available at the end of the game, it is generally the last chance to buy them for the price of the buy in. In this moment it is recommended not to think too much when deciding to buy them, as they end up being necessary for the strategy.

Strategies for Rebuy Poker.

Some strategic considerations are always necessary in this kind of games, so if you are a beginner do not waste your time and do some research. In order for the strategy to work the tournament has to be broken into three main stages and see how it goes along the hands.

The first stage is the Rebuy. 

In this stage when everyone is gambling it up, you should actually tighten up to play fewer poker hands and wait for good spots. It is a good idea to get plenty of these during the first levels, as people will look for any excuse to get their chips in the middle. You can think of straight draws, flush draws or whatever else you can imagine.  The best adjustment is to be patient and wait for big hands. When you do get big hands, you bet big.

The Middle Stage. 

This stage begins after the rebuy phase is over and players have bought their add-ons. After the add-on the game will turn to be a freezeout kind of game, that means there a no rebuys more. This stage depends on the size of the stack. If you are on a short stack, you should look for chances to double up. With the middling stack, you can pay more attention to poker positions and try to seal some pots along, as a way to stay hovering until the big opportunity comes.

The Final Stage.

Once you got to the final stage of the table, you will have to pay attention to two things. The first one is ICM (independent chip model) and the second is to continue to build a stack for the final table. In this moment, some calculations are necessary to figure out certain spots, as there is more to it than just direct odds.

All in all, these are some characteristics of the rebuy tournament system, of course, there is more information so it is highly recommended for everyone who wants to play to do some research on this form of tournament too.


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