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Responsible Gambling Tips for US Online Casino Players

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If you’re looking to gamble responsibly when you next play in the real money mode at an online casino, then here are some useful responsible gambling tips to get you started.

How to gamble responsibly at online casinos

Gambling responsibly at online casinos, for some, is much easier said than done. To ensure that you stay in much better control of how much money you spend when you log in to your preferred online casino account, then you may want to employ some of these effective bankroll management tips and avoid doing certain things. For example:

  • Never chase your losses
  • Set deposit limits, where possible
  • Go in with a budget, and don’t spend more than you budgeted for
  • Don’t gamble just for the sake of it
  • Never consider gambling as a way of making money
  • Check your stake when you launch a game because it may need reducing/adjusting
  • Try out new strategies by playing certain games in the fun practice mode
  • If gambling is becoming serious and is no longer fun, give it a rest for a while

Never chase your losses

One of the golden rules in gambling, whether it’s gambling at an online casino, placing a wager on your favorite horse, or playing poker, is never to chase your losses. 

Set deposit limits

At many licensed online casinos today, it’s possible for fully registered members to set deposit limits, which is one of the best bankroll management tools currently available to players.



Try and set a reasonable budget aside for gambling, and make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the money you have to spend on other things, such as your phone bill, direct debits, energy bills, or shopping.

If you spend your budget, perhaps wait a few weeks until you have built up enough money again to have another flutter at your favorite online casino. Your average – and not so average – online gambling blog will also tell you these same golden rules. 

Never gamble out of necessity

If you feel as though you’re gambling just for the sake of it, then perhaps it’s time to stop for a while. You should only be gambling for fun from time to time, not just out of necessity.

Don’t gamble to make money

A big mistake is to think of gambling as a way to make a side income. Very few people are actually able to make regular money by playing at online casinos. Instead, you should expect to lose your bankroll. If you come out with more money than you left, that’s great, but it won’t happen all the time.

Reduce your stake

You may find that when you launch an online slot, the default stake could be worth more than you can afford. In other words, check the stake when you open a game, which may then need adjusting to better suit your budget

Practice in the free-play mode

Practising in the free-play demo mode is a great way to learn how to play a game and try out new strategies without losing any real money in the process, and it’s also a great way to find out whether you actually like the game with zero risk involved.

When the fun stops, stop

As the saying goes, ‘when the fun stops, stop.’ If gambling is no longer fun for you, then you may want to give it a break for a while until you’re in a much better frame of mind. Gambling is supposed to be fun and should never be taken too seriously.


If you can remember some of these useful tips the next time you gamble at an online casino, you should be able to last much longer at the casino, and it should be a more enjoyable experience.


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