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The best outfits to wear for live roulette

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The game roulette as we know it today originated in 18th century France and was once reserved for the aristocrats in pre-revolutionary Paris.

Since then, the roulette wheel has been developed further and, as technological innovations have made way for electronic wheels and online games, now millions of people enjoy roulette worldwide. 

When planning to play casino roulette you might have a few things you need to consider, such as your bankroll amount, which variant of the game you will enjoy, where you will play, and importantly – what are you going to wear?

Finding the right outfit choice is important. Your clothes can give you confidence, provide comfort and allow you to express your unique personality. Here are a few outfit ideas to help get you started:

For virtual live roulette games, comfort is key

Firstly, the location you are playing roulette in will have a big impact on your outfit choice. With the rise of smartphones, online casino gaming has become a popular choice for roulette fans and live roulette games allow them to enjoy the casino experience from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are playing live roulette online, you can wear whatever you feel more comfortable in. Loungewear is great for a night in and a pair of comfy joggers with a jumper would be ideal. For extra cosiness, your favourite PJs and slippers wouldn’t go amiss either!

Not sure what the casino dress code is?

If you are playing roulette at a land-based casino venue, you will need to put a little bit more thought into what you are going to wear. Lots of casinos have some sort of dress code that you will need to abide by in order to be permitted entry into the venue. 

You can usually find the dress code listed on the website or can call the casino’s phone line directly for information. However, if you can’t find the dress code or you’ll be visiting multiple venues in one outing, then smart casual is probably your best bet.

For men, a button-down shirt is the go-to for smart casual. A linen shirt is ideal for warmer weather as it is a breathable material. However, remember that most casinos have air conditioning, so you’ll find it’s cooler inside than outdoors. Pair this with dark jeans in your favourite cut and smart trainers, loafers, boat shoes or derby shoes.

For women, smart casual gives plenty of options and good tailoring can help lift an outfit a bit more. A stylish blouse will look great with wide leg trousers or dark denim jeans. Or a patterned midi skirt with plain top is a versatile day-to-night look. Smart trainers, Chelsea boots, sandals and loafers are all suitable footwear choices.

Daytime visits to the casino

In the daytime, you can usually dress less formally than evening casino visits. Casual can still look chic when styled correctly too.

There are plenty of stylish cargo options for both men and women. Jeans are also perfectly acceptable too. Consider balance when putting together your outfit, if choosing loose fitting trousers, you may want to balance the outfit with a more fitted top.

Most footwear is acceptable, just avoid beachwear styles like flip flops to be safe. 

What to wear for formal roulette events

If you are attending a formal casino night to play roulette or attending a special occasion, then it’s time to dress to impress! A tailored suit for men is the go-to option with a tie, crisp shirt, and polished smart shoes. 

For women, a cocktail dress is a common choice, or a structured jumpsuit will look equally stunning. Avoid casual fabrics such as denim or linen. Heels are an option for really elevating an outfit but consider how comfortable they are as you can be stood at the roulette wheel for quite a while. 

There are plenty of dressy flat shoe choices too. Some examples include, embellished sandals, ballet pumps, slingbacks or knee-high boots.

Don’t forget to accessorise!

Lastly, accessories really do make a difference and add another dimension to an outfit. For men, a smart watch, chain or ring can add another level of sophistication and style. For women, a clutch bag in a matching colour to your dress or shoes can help pull an outfit together. Statement jewellery can also add some fun and interest to a plain outfit choice. 

Accessories are also a great way to show off your individual style and flair whilst abiding by the dress code.

Final thoughts…

Whether you’re relaxing at home playing live roulette from your phone, or attending a formal event at a casino, the right outfit will help you feel comfortable and confident and therefore help you to focus on placing your bets at the wheel. 


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