Which Games Are the Best Options to Play at Online Casinos

The typical online casino offers hundreds of games. These usually come from different developers including Play‘n Go, Microgaming, Evolution, and Pragmatic Play. The options range from card games to slots and table games. If you are new to online casinos, which games are the best options to pick as a newbie?


A table game played with dice, craps is one of the most recommended games because of the simple mechanics and the high odds of winning. Standard craps can provide a 50-50 chance of winning. With online casino craps, the odds may be lower because of the house edge that is usually around 1.4%. Still, the game is a good starting choice for most gambling neophytes. With a low possibility of getting a losing streak, this game is unlikely to intimidate or create a “traumatic’ experience.


Another game worth recommending is blackjack. Its odds of winning range from 40% to 49%. This number is higher than those of most other online casino games. Some say it is even possible to influence the house edge by switching betting options. What makes the game less appealing, however, is the table design. Some may find it confusing or intimidating. However, once you master the game, expect the next sessions to be fun and exciting.


When it comes to online casino games with the lowest house edge, baccarat is easily one of the top choices. Most casinos set the house edge at 1.06%. The game is not as simple as playing dice and simpler card games, though. Making misreading’s and mistakes is quite common for newbies. However, with more time playing the game and eventual mastery, the game becomes addictively fun to play.


Those who are looking for a game that does not require any thinking will love roulette. It is purely a game of chance, with the player, in simple forms of the game, betting on whether the ball falls on a red or black portion of the wheel. For added complexity, bets may be made for the ball to hit a specific number or range of numbers. With this game, the probability of winning can go as high as 50%. It is very easy to play and can be a good option for break times or casual recreation.


Slots do not provide the best chances of winning. Their house edge is also relatively high, ranging from 6.39% to 4.82%. However, what makes them appealing is the sheer simplicity of the game. There is no thinking involved. It’s a matter of striking and waiting. Some may find this boring and unamusing, but many tend to like it. It is one of the top go-to games for those who just want to gamble to relax

It all boils down to preference. The list above does not represent the choices of all players, but they are some of the best when it comes to the possibility of winning and ease of gameplay. As such, they are suitable starting games for gambling neophytes.


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