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Repairing Luxury with Manhattan Time Service

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It’s not until you own a luxury watch from the likes of Rolex, Zenith or Patek Philippe that you realise just how joyous it is to strap it on for the very first time and the sense of accomplishment that comes from owning such a devilishly attractive accessory. Luxury watches are a status symbol, pure and simple. When your spending thousands of dollars on an item, however, you fully expect that it will last a long time and, it goes without saying, the world’s leading watchmakers (we’re talking your IWC’s, Rolex, Breitling’s and Baume et Mercier’s) definitely build their timepieces to last and the craftsmanship is simply beyond compare.

This being said, however, there really is no accounting for accidental damage in any walk of life and this is no different so far as luxury watches are concerned. Be it a scratched watch face, a damaged strap or any other form of damage, there are few things more demoralising than realising that your stunning timepiece is anything less than prestine. For those living in New York, this is where Manhattan Time Service step into the fray. This family run, luxury watch repair specialist has over 30 years of experience in repairing and restoring high end timepieces and there isn’t a watch brand under the sun that they have encountered and repaired in the last three decades. As you would expect, there have been some highly striking watches that have ended up on the work benches of Manhattan Time Service but few are quite as impressive as when former US President Bill Clinton entrusted his Ritz timepiece to their care and you can see the superb job this iconic watch repair specialist did on the piece below:

Inline image 2

When it comes to repairing luxury watches, it is important to remember it takes almost as much skill and craftsmanship to repair a watch as it does to create it in the first place, so you definitely don’t want to entrust a watch that costs thousands of dollars to just anyone. Manhattan Time Service have an unparalleled reputation and under the watchful eye of the highly skilled master watch repair expert, Mitchell Lodowski, they can bring almost any damaged watch back to life.

Inline image 3

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Find out more about this historic luxury watch expert at


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