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Find Luxury Gifts for Her on a Budget

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Surprising the lady in your life with a special gift is always a good idea. Whether you’re shopping last-minute for Christmas, or you need a birthday idea, there are plenty of options no matter what your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune if you can just look like you did. And there is no need to get fake Prada, because trust us, she’ll know. Here are the best ways to find luxury gifts for her and some gift ideas when you’re on a budget.

Look for Sales

If you know she wants Prada or Gucci, sign up for email lists where you might get a discount on it. When the sale comes up, just buy something for her. You can save hundreds with some of these sales. Additionally, jewelry stores are notorious for offering sales a few times a year. Wait for one of these to snag a necklace or bracelet. If you buy it too early, it’s okay, just hang onto it until the occasion arises.

Buy Used

If you have the money for something new, don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to gifts. But if you’re trying to give something luxurious and special on a lower budget, you can do it when you look for quality used items. There are many online vendors that sell used luxury items. You can snatch up some incredible pieces that are like new.

Affordable Luxury Gift Ideas

Here are some affordable gift options and how you can snag some great deals when you are buying luxury gifts for the woman in your life.

Discount Perfumes

When retailers go out of business, they often sell off their inventory as overstock. Take advantage of these sales to find discount Jessica Simpson perfume or Chanel No. 5. You’d be amazed at the savings. These special little gifts go a long way especially if they are her favorite scent. Pro tip: Don’t buy perfume unless you know the exact ones she likes to wear.

Bottle of Wine

Give your lady love a bottle of her favorite wine. You might also include something to help her have a fun night out with her friends. Wine can be relatively affordable as long as you’re not sourcing a unique bouquet from 100 years ago. Many wineries have delightful wines that would satisfy any taste.

Jewelry Sales

Finding a sparkly necklace at a discount is easy if you know what you’re looking for. You can buy gorgeous diamonds during annual sales at jewelry stores. Look for malls going out of business to find last-minute deals and check out pawn shops. While this one might seem a little shady, you can score some incredible deals if you can verify the authenticity of a piece. You might be able to get a diamond bracelet for hundreds less than if you purchased it from a store. Just be sure to find a jeweler to help you authenticate the item before you buy it.

Coach Clutch

While an entire purse might be out of your budget, a more affordable way to give her something from Coach is to buy a small clutch or coin purse instead. It’s still a luxurious gift, but a little more friendly to your wallet.

Her Favorite Makeup

Here’s what you need to know about a lot of women, they will use their makeup until it is dead and gone. Meaning they don’t always buy new for themselves. If she’s mentioned wanting to get a new shade of Jonteblu lipstick or some of her favorite mascara, give it as a gift. First, she’ll be impressed that you remembered or noticed. And second, you can give her a little gift set with a few other things to try out if you are brave enough for that.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are an affordable way to source all kinds of things. There are boxes that contain anything from unique things you’ll only find in South Korea, to makeup, to fun creative pursuits. You’d be amazed at how companies work hard to create luxurious collections to put in these subscriptions. You can find boxes that contain luxe brands for lower prices than you would buy each piece individually. They can do this because they get bulk discounts to put together the boxes. You benefit by getting these luxury items for a lower price.


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