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12 Ways To Support Your Health and Longevity During National Nutrition Month

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Time to uncork that natural joy you get when National Nutrition Month rolls around! It’s that special time of the year when we get a needed nudge to focus on our health and longevity.

In the spirit of this nutritious month, we want to highlight some fantastic picks that will give your fitness and nutrition game a stupendous boost and add a little zest to your wellness journey. From fashion-forward fitness gear to meal kits that will make your taste buds dance and your body thank you, we’ve got it all. Let’s roll, health enthusiasts!

1. Bombshell Sportswear: Get in the Game

Photo Source: Bombshell Sportswear

One of the keys to living a long, healthy life is getting your heart pumping on the regular. While exercise is a proven recipe to keep our bodies in top shape, looking fantastic while doing it never hurts. Bombshell Sportswear’s sexy sports bra is head-turning activewear that combines health, comfort, and fashion into one sassy package.

Made of comfortable material that stays in place during your workout, these sports bras are designed to support you as you conquer every movement, from the tough power yoga poses to high-intensity sprints. 


You’ll be nailing those workouts like a pro, and you’ll be looking incredibly fabulous while doing it. After all, feeling sexy isn’t just about aesthetics. It creates an irresistible force of confidence and motivation. 

In Bombshell Sportswear’s sexy sports bras, your workout is no longer a chore — it’s a runway. 

2. Fatty15: Enjoy Long-Term Wellness

Photo Source: Fatty15

When it comes to health and nutrition, you have plenty of options for supplements and vitamins. Trying to determine what supplements are best for your lifestyle and wellness needs can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re on the search for science-backed, patented, and award-winning health products, there’s nothing like the C15:0 supplements from Fatty15. C15:0 is an essential fatty acid that works hard to reduce or even reverse the impact of cellular aging. It does this in 36 unique ways at a micro level, all of which help to support your health in the long and short term. They even work to repair cells that have already been damaged!

One of the best ways to care for your health during National Nutrition Month is by managing stress. Left unchecked, stress can have a huge impact on our wellness, but the C15 supplements from Fatty15 are your cellular superheroes. They help block stress that causes cells to age, protecting your cells from oxidative stress damage. 

This National Nutrition Month, choose Fatty15 supplements that make a difference today and well into the future. 

3. Prolon: Let the Leading Longevity Company Power Your Fresh Start

You may have heard the adage, “Age is just a number.” This concept doesn’t only apply to our poetic ideas of youth and living a long, happy life. While we may think of our chronological age — literally, the number of years we have been alive — as our only measure of age and youth, there’s actually another age to keep in mind: our biological age. 

Biological age is a score that estimates how well your body is functioning relative to your chronological age. Your bio-age can be affected by various factors such as physiological markers, lifestyle, genetics, and overall health condition.

While years of poor nutritional habits and neglecting our wellness may have impacted your health, all is not lost! Prolon’s fasting mimicking diet (FMD) may be able to help you reverse your biological age, supporting healthy aging through a proprietary, patented, science-backed nutritional program.

Prolon’s FMD is a five-day program that scientifically formulated nutrition formulations to mimic the effects of a prolonged water fast. Its patented design helps to activate a 2016 Nobel prize-winning discovery called autophagy, a deep cellular cleanup that accelerates when your body isn’t digesting food. Autophagy is a process by which the cell repairs damaged cells by breaking them down into their basic components and then rejuvenating those components to help the cell function properly.

Through Prolon’s revolutionary FMD, users may simultaneously slow down their bio-aging score and add more healthful life to their years — specifically, 2.5 years, after three rounds of Prolon’s FMD over the course of three months.

With benefits like targeted visceral fat loss (with one 2017 study showing an average weight loss of 5.7 pounds after just one cycle) and many reporting an improved relationship with food, Prolon’s FMD is here to help you get the fresh start you’ve been searching for.

4. HelloFresh: Make Healthy Eating Easy

Photo Source: Hello Fresh

It’s been said that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. As pivotal as an active lifestyle is, nutrition is la crème de la crème of healthy living. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to drool-worthy meals — that is, not if HelloFresh’s meal delivery kit has anything to say about it.

Their meal delivery program gives you access to perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced, and absurdly yummy meals. They curate recipes from expert chefs that are as delightful to prep as they are to eat. 

Plus, the convenience of HelloFresh meal delivery kits frees you from the troubles of meal planning, grocery shopping, and portion control, providing you with extra time for workouts and self-care. Now that’s an all-around win! 

5. Transfer Master: Rest and Recover in Comfort

Health doesn’t stop at workouts and nutrition. Believe it or not, one of the health helpers your body needs most is quality sleep. Transfer Master’s hospital bed is an at-home retreat designed to bring you good sleep and even better health.

Equipped with adjustable settings, Transfer Master’s hospital bed allows you to align your body just right, promoting better circulation and reducing muscle tension. With options made to blend in with your bedroom decor, Transfer Master lets you recover in style and dignity, supporting a wide range of medical and mobility considerations.

Nightly battles with stacked pillows to find that “just-right” spot are over! Slide into slumberland, loving how your body relaxes and rejuvenates overnight. 

6. BUBS Naturals: Keep That Youthful Glow

Photo Source: BUBS Naturals

What if we told you we have the secret potion to looking — and feeling — effortlessly youthful? BUBS Naturals’ collagen peptides powder is the fountain of youth, and you can harness its power in your morning water, coffee, smoothie, and beyond.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it’s essential for maintaining skin, joint, and gut health — all guiding stars to longevity. With age, collagen production slows down and eventually stops altogether, leading to not-so-fun signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Dissolve BUBS Naturals’ collagen peptides powder into your favorite drinks, and fortify your body with the mother of all beauty proteins. Notice your skin regaining its elasticity and glow, feel your joints become more flexible, and watch your hair and nail health improve — just a few perks of maintaining a healthy collagen level with BUBS Naturals’ collagen peptides powder. 

Get your glow on! 

7. CareCard: Protect Your Health and Your Wallet

If the price of prescriptions has got you down, there’s an ace you should have up your sleeve. CareCard’s prescription discount card is an often-overlooked and powerful ally in promoting good health while protecting your wallet. 

What good is a mindful wellness journey if the cost of necessary medications stands in your way? CareCard’s prescription discount card is your fast pass to affordable health — just present it at your pharmacy and instantly save up to 85% on your prescriptions. Plus, their website has a nifty price comparison tool and free coupons to help you save even more.

It’s a lifesaver wrapped in plastic, curated to help you manage your wellness by providing significant savings on your prescription costs.

8. Winona: Stave Off Stress and Fight the Symptoms of Menopause

There are many ways to support your health during National Nutrition Month and beyond, and one of the best is by managing the impact of stress — and nothing’s more stressful than menopause symptoms. Although it’s a natural part of life, it can lead to pesky issues like skin changes, hot flashes, fatigue, and weight gain that can cause plenty of stress throughout the year.

The progesterone cream from Winona might be the game-changer product you’ve been looking for. It’s an easy-to-use cream that helps to fight symptoms associated with aging with a simple rub.

Used in many anti-aging treatments, progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone that works with estrogen to combat sleep disruptions, anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, and more. Just rub the cream into your skin for a minute or two, and you’ll see results in as little as two weeks.

9. DEINDE: Manage the Effects of Inflammaging

When we’re not feeling our best, it can often show on our faces. Environmental stressors can cause inflammation, redness, and irritation, leaving us feeling down and low on confidence. 

DEINDE offers the first line of skincare products designed specifically to interrupt inflammaging, the low-level, chronic inflammation that creates the root cause of skin aging. Their products help reduce the appearance of fine lines and aging by fortifying your skin against daily disruptions that break down collagen and elastin, the two proteins that give your skin its elasticity and structural support. 

If you experience any of the most common signs of aging, like fine lines, dullness, an uneven skin tone, dryness, or an uneven texture, DEINDE’s skin-strengthening serum, purifying whipped cleanser, and moisture-locking face stick are here to help. It’s easy to create a skincare routine that meets your needs with DEINDE’s lineup of science-backed inflammaging fighters. 

When we talk about wellness, we need to consider how we feel inside and out. With support from DEINDE, you’ll be able to step out as your best self and fight back against daily disruptions.

10. O Positiv: Address Your Women’s Health Needs

Some health and wellness products are one-size-fits-all, but people don’t have one-size-fits-all health concerns. Women, especially, often need specific products to combat painful or frustrating symptoms specific to their health concerns, and that’s why O Positiv can be such a useful addition to your National Nutrition Month routine. 

The products available from O Positiv are made to meet women’s needs, whatever they may be. They cater to a range of female health challenges, from period and hormone products to products specifically for menopause. 

Additionally, O Positiv offers the solutions you want for vaginal and urinary health, as well as gut and metabolism support and hair growth. Women’s health is important, and when symptoms hit, you’ll want to reach for a product that offers tailored relief to help you feel your best. 

Health and nutrition can go beyond your next run or protein shake. For healthcare products designed with you in mind, look no further than O Positiv. 

11. black+blum: Master the Art of Portion Control and Time Saving

Let’s dish on something that can make or break your nutritional goals: portion control. It’s a secret agent working undercover in your quest for health and longevity. Black+blum’s meal prep containers are your secret weapons in mastering the art of portion control.

What’s more, they make meal prepping a cinch! Embrace conveniently packaged meals ready to be heated up for quick lunches or busy dinners. With black+blum’s meal prep containers, you’re taking control of your health, one perfectly portioned meal at a time. 

12. Nathan: Hydrate on the Go

Drinking enough water is priority number one in plenty of our wellness plans, with regular exercise coming in at a close second. Nathan’s handheld water bottles are specifically made for runners, allowing you to quench your thirst on the go and keep dehydration at bay.

These mighty bottles aren’t just handy; they’re ergonomic, too, meant to nestle comfortably in your hand as you rack up the miles. They encourage you to keep sipping throughout your run because every runner knows that performance depends as much on hydration as it does on stamina.

Of course, hydration isn’t just for your workout sessions. Keep your Nathan bottle nearby throughout the day for consistent thirst-quenching, promoting everything from skin health to cognitive function. Let’s have a toast to hydration: the hero of health!

Making Health and Longevity More Fun

These marvelous picks can help you harness the power of health and longevity during National Nutrition Month and beyond. Each item promises to reinforce your health journey and make it more fun to support your body and mind!

Don’t just survive this Nutrition Month; thrive with health-boosting and longevity-promoting goodies! With your hands on the right gear and tools, you’ll surpass your health goals in no time at all.



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