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5 Natural Ways to Get Testosterone in Your Body

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Testosterone, a male sex hormone and an androgen, is associated mostly with sex drive and production of sperms. However, these hormones are also present in the ovaries of the female body, though in women, they are needed in quite low quantity.

It has been observed that as one ages, the T-levels of the body start decreasing by 3-to-4 percent every year. However, people suffering from depression, anxiety, and those making poor lifestyle choices are more prone to losing testosterone and other hormones at the young age only. And while you can increase your testosterone levels from products like Testogen, there are some natural ways too, which, if followed, can lead to an increase in your T-levels.

We have compiled a short list of 5 natural ways to get testosterone in your body. Keep reading, if you or someone you know is looking to balance their T-levels.

1.      Good night’s sleep

There are no prizes for guessing the fact that a good night’s sleep is a clear solution to keep your body healthy, happy and in alignment with a healthy lifestyle. When you have quality sleep every night, it is possible that your testosterone levels will remain elevated without putting any extra effort.

According to this study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, testosterone levels can reduce even in a young man if he fails to get a good quality of sleep every night. The difference was seen within a week of no or very little sleep in the subject of the study. Thus, it is important for all of us to get a sleep of at least 7 hours every night.

2.      Losing extra weight

Obesity is the primary cause of many serious and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems and blood pressure. Thus, it is important for you to know and understand that losing excess of weight is quite a blessing. All it takes is a few minutes of exercise or any physical activity to get yourself healthy and happy. A reduction in the level of testosterone can also be the result of being overweight.

This study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology confirms that losing extra weight can significantly boost the level of testosterone in your system. However, in no way it is recommended that you should avoid eating food at all and start the diet and exercise immediately. Once you realize that you should lose that excess fat from your body, start slowly and build your new diet chart and work-out routine and once you are through it, start working on losing your weight.

3.      Reduce sugar intake

We all know that sugar is the enemy of a healthy body. Even after knowing this, many of us give in to the food cravings, which is often the result of mood swing, anxiety or stress. Even so, this is no excuse to have an increased amount of sugar every day. Apart from affecting your health in a negative way, a high amount of sugar intake leads to a low level of testosterone in the body. The same has been concluded by The Endocrine Society, which reports that glucose leads to reduction in testosterone level in the blood by at least 25 percent.  If you are suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes, then it is even more recommended to completely stop taking sugar in your meals.

4.      Up your exercise routine

We all are aware that when we keep our body moving, it creates energy, and this means that your body feels energetic and healthy. Thus, it is your responsibility to get into any form of workout- old school exercise, yoga, Zumba, dance, kick-boxing, or simply walking for at least 10 minutes. This also helps in balancing your T-levels and even gives them a boost. In fact, regular exercise has proven to improve mood by stimulating brain chemicals that contribute in making you happier, healthier and more confident in life. So, keep moving that body, people!

5.      Have a diet full of proteins, zinc, magnesium, fats etc.

People with low testosterone levels show deficiency in zinc and magnesium. Thus, it is important to include foods like leafy vegetables, oysters, salmon, tuna, beef, beans, nuts, lobster, fortified milk, wholegrains, etc. These foods also include magnesium, zinc, fats, carbs, and proteins, which are necessary to boost and balance your T-levels. Additionally, you can also get supplements of Vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium to balance the deficiency in the body and you will be good to go 


While our bodies are quite powerful and know exactly how to deal with any problem or deficiency that arises inside us, let’s not forget our bodies were never made to last this long. With the current lifestyle, it is quite hard to maintain your T-levels at the appropriate level. Therefore we see quite a few people opting for supplements. However, it is important to make sure that if you do, you should only go for the very best testosterone boosters out there, preferably the ‘all natural’ ones.

Also if you don’t want to go for any supplements, know that your T-levels could be fine, you only need to make a few changes in your lifestyle and consult your doctor to bring a balance in your testosterone levels. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life and thus, it is important to keep yourself perfectly healthy.


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