5 Reasons You Should Be Using CBD

Late last year, growing hemp was made legal in the US. While its high-inducing cousin is only legal in a select few states, hemp is gaining popularity and traction thanks to its huge number of benefits and non-psychoactive status. Plenty of farms previously producing tobacco have started to cultivate hemp instead and the number of products being churned out increases on a monthly basis. One such product is cannabidiol, but you probably have heard of it referred to as “CBD”.

With the demand for natural solutions to common problems increasing, CBD has gone mainstream. There’s a huge range of CBD products, from drops and topical treatments to edibles and vape liquids. The hardest part is picking which one is best for you, so we’ve broken down some common complaints and which product we’d recommend for each.

Sports and accident recovery

Given that CBD is a naturally anti-inflammatory cannabinoid that comes in high doses in the hemp plant it’s an ideal supplement to add into your dietary regimen. For those of you who go especially heavy at the gym or are recovering from an injury, consistently taking CBD can help with both recovery and swollen muscles. CBD supports cell regeneration which also means less soreness between sessions and a faster recovery period when you’re bulking.

Capsules offer an easy way to get a higher dose of CBD and you only need to take them twice a day. Drop one or two morning or night after a meal, the benefit is they often come with other beneficial hemp terpenes and stay in your system for several hours. Unlike a lot of other anti-inflammatory options, CBD won’t affect your stomach lining even when you’re taking a high dose.

Stress management

Everyone’s living with a stressful lifestyle these days. High pressure jobs on top of trying to balance time for hobbies and a social life isn’t easy and preventing that stress from taking its toll can be a challenge. CBD carries the natural relaxing effects of weed without the psychoactive effects. True CBD products will have less than 0.2% THC in them meaning you get the calm without the high.

The best way to manage stress with CBD is through microdosing. In the same way you might use food supplements throughout the day you can do the same with CBD edibles. Choose from things like mints or gummies, they each have a small, regulated dose making them an easy way to control how much you have and can be taken discretely before a big presentation or meeting.

Improved sleep

If rest is a big issue for you, you’re not alone – one in three adults aren’t getting enough sleep. Whether it’s from stress, working odd hours or too much to do, actually falling asleep can be a struggle for some. Like with stress management, people suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation can benefit from the calming effects of CBD. It works on your body both physiologically and mentally, meaning you’re not only less stressed but also more physically relaxed and ready for sleep.

With that in mind, microdosing can help but your best bet is CBD oil drops. They’re one of the most potent products you can get and start working within minutes. Taking a few drops under the tongue in the morning to maintain your body’s CBD levels helps, then a stronger dose an hour before bed.

Improved skin texture, muscle regeneration and joint health

Whether you work outside and are exposed to the elements a lot or just want to maintain your skin’s condition as you age, CBD topical treatments are one way of doing just that. CBD by its very nature is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and allows for targeted treatment. Topical treatments can help with things like dryness, signs of aging, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. Bonus effect with topicals: you can use them for sports injury and joint pain too. Ideal if you’re also using capsules or drops for the same reason.

The sky is pretty much the limit with the products you can use here. There are balms and creams for the skin as well as gels oils for post-gym or those old pain points that need extra relief. One of the best things about topicals is you don’t need to worry about getting an exact dose – you can apply them whenever you want.

Addiction – like quitting smoking

CBD affects the mind as well as the body and because of this association, it can also help with addictive behaviours like smoking. When you go without nicotine, your body becomes agitated and stressed because you’re craving the dopamine rush you get when you smoke. Many people also struggle to go without the familiar feeling of inhaling and exhaling smoke. CBD helps with this in a few ways. Whereas nicotine increases your blood pressure and stress levels, CBD has the opposite effect and can also help break your brains association with a “reward” from smoking.

The best option for using CBD to reduce your cigarette intake is with vaping, especially given there a wide variety of flavours and strengths available – it’s easy to find one you like. This method still offers the same sensation of inhaling and exhaling smoke, just this way you’re substituting a cigarette containing nicotine with vapour containing CBD.

Regardless of which product type you choose for which complaint, CBD products contribute to an improved state of wellbeing across the board. Whether you’re wanting to use one on its own for stress or a few in conjunction with each other for sports recovery, just about anyone can benefit from the calming and anti-inflammatory effects of hemp derived CBD.


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