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5 skincare products you didn’t know you needed

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If you’ve become a bit too relaxed with your skincare routine and all of a sudden you hardly recognise the man staring at you in the mirror, it may be time to upgrade your bathroom cabinet with some new essentials. Maybe you’re shaving routine is strong and you’ve even tried a few face masks before, but if you’ve never heard of the following products and don’t know how to use them, it’s time to learn. Adding a few simple steps to your daily routine can make a huge impact on your appearance and will make all the difference to your skin long term.

Here are four grooming products you didn’t know you needed:

Body lotion

Nothing feels better than a nice long hot shower but, unfortunately, the regular combination of heat and soap are drying out your skin. Over time, this dryness causes your skin to become damaged, especially if you’re showering more than once a day, and irritation can occur. The good news is you can stop the negative effects in their tracks by moisturising right after your shower. A good quality body lotion is key, such as the Baxter of California Hand & Body Moisturiser, which is versatile enough to use on your entire body.


Beard Oil

The votes have been counted and beards are in. They’re the perm of the 80s. But, if the one you’re rocking is more flaky and scruffy than smooth and sexy, it’s time for some beard TLC. Having a beard and not using a beard oil is like trying to run a car without petrol, and you should put as much effort into the hair on your face as you do the hair on your head. The Proraso Bear Oil looks after both the beard hair and the skin beneath it, helping you tame unruly hairs and leaving you with a woody scent from natural essential oils.


Shaving soap

If beards are not your thing and you like to keep things smooth instead, then throw out the low quality shaving cream and keep things classy with the Truefitt & Hill Shave Soap. Turn shaving into a ceremony by giving it the time and attention it deserves and using only quality, natural products that are good for your skin.



Women have known the importance of toner for a long time and men are finally catching on. If you live in a busy city full of pollutants, a toner should be a non-negotiable part of your skin care regime as they help close pores and tighten cell gaps which helps protect your skin from environmental contaminants. A toner will balance your pH levels while hydrating your skin, and should be applied after washing your face and before applying moisturiser. It will remove dirt and oil from your face and result in less irritation and inflammation that causes redness. Make sure you use a toner that does not contain alcohol, such as the Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner, which will leave your skin feeling clean and taut.


Eye serum

If harsh terrains outside (or stressful conditions inside) have left you with a few more lines than you’d hoped for at your age, an eye serum is your solution. Choose something lightweight that will, in the first instance, reduce the appearance of expression lines, and then repair your skin at a cellular level. It’s important to look after the area around the eyes as it is extremely thin and prone to sensitivity. The FIT Skincare Stress-Less Anti-Aging Serum protects this sensitive area from external aggressors while toning and hydrating.


Is the whole world of skincare still a little too intimidating? Want to take things to the next level but not sure where to start? Take the stress out of shopping and get a grooming kit specifically to suit your needs with gentSac’s subscription service. Enjoy a grooming consultation and then have the products you use replenished automatically and without even needing to shop. It’s flexible, easy and great value.


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