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5 Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

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You need more energy. You’re falling asleep at your desk. The drive home is lulling you to sleep. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Men want to show up to work ready to give their all. And for some of you, the afternoon slump is a sleepy time. You struggle to complete projects because you can barely keep your eyes open. You feel like you’re dragging, and your body feels like lead. This is not fun. There are plenty of ways to beat the afternoon slump. While you can certainly get a quick fix with a soda or make a cup of Chemex coffee, there are some other habits you can add to your arsenal to give you more energy all day long.

Get Better Sleep at Night

You have more control than you might think. If you work normal day shifts, it’s much easier to make sure your room is dark at night. You want it dark, as though you live in a cave. You will also want to be in a room with lower temperatures to get the best sleep possible. Getting better sleep also means you need to stop burning the midnight oil when it comes to working. Turn everything off about an hour before bedtime. This includes your cell phone. You can drink tea, read books, do crossword puzzles, or do whatever you like. It’s just critical to turn off the screens. Better nighttime sleep means you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Check Your Hormones

Hormones are a tricky thing. In women, they help regulate things like menstrual cycles and having babies, but in men, it can be a little harder to identify when your hormones are out of balance. While weight gain, low sex drive, and sleep disturbances are linked to low testosterone, there is no way to tell without getting tested. Take some time to visit your physician for that annual check-up. They can do a blood draw to determine if out-of-balance hormones are contributing to your lackluster energy levels.

Drink More Fluids

Your cup of coffee in the morning and afternoon is great. It may help you stay energetic throughout the day, but you probably find yourself needing more than two cups of coffee a day to keep going. You likely need around 75-100 ounces of fluids (mostly water) if you want to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes numerous problems, one of them being that it makes you feel more tired. If you want to beat the afternoon slump, hydrate yourself with mostly water throughout the day to keep your brain feeling alert and clear.

Cut Down on Sugar

You know that feeling you get on Thanksgiving about an hour after you eat? You are ready for a nap and can hardly move. It’s not the turkey, it’s the carbs. The carb crash you get on Thanksgiving is related to the one you get every day if you’re consuming a lot of sugar and carbs, especially at lunch. If you cut down on sugar, eat more protein and healthy fats, you’ll be able to regulate your energy levels and beat that afternoon slump. Eating healthier will also nourish your body and brain giving you more mental acuity and focus when you’re at work.  

Take a Walk

If you’re falling asleep, you might need a cardiovascular boost. A swift 10-minute walk can make a huge difference in your energy levels. By sending more blood to your brain, your muscles, and your heart, you send more oxygen there as well. You also increase happy hormones which helps you feel more awake and alert. Walking when you’re feeling tired or having a hard time concentrating is also a good way to help you refocus or come up with solutions to nagging problems. For writers and other creatives, a swift walk is a perfect way to help you get unstuck.


The afternoon slump might feel like a permanent resident in your life, but there are many ways to overcome it. By focusing on what you eat and drink, using caffeine when needed, getting out and walking, and sleeping better at night, you’ll discover you have more energy and you’re no longer falling asleep at your desk in the middle of the afternoon.



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