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A Man’s Guide to the Best Meditation Practices

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Meditation is a beautiful method of cultivating mindfulness and has many positive effects on our well-being. It’s an excellent method for reducing stress and anxiety and generally improving one’s mood.

Women tend to be the ones who seek out and participate in meditation groups like yoga courses. Despite this, yoga is advocated for the wellness of both sexes. If you’re a man wishing to start doing meditation exercises, you can try the following meditation practices.

Tantric Yoga

Daily exercise is already crucial to your health. When combined with tantric yoga’s mind-stimulating practices, the result can be a complete paradigm shift. By practicing tantra, men can gain self-assurance and sexual power.

More so, Tantric yoga techniques have been shown to impact naturally increasing testosterone levels significantly. This is not wishful thinking on the part of yogis; instead, it is supported by research in the field.


When males lack self-assurance, they often fail to fulfill their responsibilities as partners. Practicing tantra can help men gain self-assurance and enhance their sexual power.

Tantric yoga has several benefits beyond enhancing sex life, including detoxifying the body and increasing strength and flexibility. This type of yoga can be supplemented with casein, a slow-digesting protein that can stimulate muscle growth and help recovery after exercise.

Kundalini Yoga

When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you can use your breath and specific postures to enter a meditative state. Because some males utilize it to boost their testosterone levels, it has earned the title “yoga for men.”

While you can practice this style of yoga, either seated or lying down, you will likely get more out of it if you lie down because you won’t have to fight gravity as you move. When performing kundalini yoga postures, it is acceptable to use cushions and blankets if you find that this facilitates your practice.

Mantra Meditation

The ability to concentrate and maintain focus can be greatly improved with mantra meditation. The practice of mentally repeating a single word or phrase, known as a “mantra,” is said to aid concentration and attention. This sort of meditation can be helpful if you have trouble focusing on the present since it prevents you from letting thoughts of the past or future into your mind.

Some people use single words (such as “om”), while others prefer longer sentences (such as “I am love”) as their mantras. Make an effort to make your own. What’s important is that you live up to your mantra and firmly bear it in your mind.

Walking Meditation

The practice of walking meditation is an excellent tool for refocusing awareness on the here and now. You’ll need some time and space to accomplish this; ideally, you’ll be able to take a 10-minute stroll in a park or down a trail with a few other people and external distractions.

Another option is to stroll at slow pacing while keeping your eyes open and surveying your surroundings, heightening your awareness of your external environment and your internal state (your thoughts and emotions).

So Hum Meditation

So Hum is an easy form of meditation that can improve your mood, concentration, and outlook quickly. It’s also helpful for getting to sleep more easily at night.

You should cross your legs in a lotus position to begin this meditation. Focus on the air entering and leaving your lungs for a while. Just keep saying “So” repeatedly until you feel sleepy (this could take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour). Then, after a little break of around five minutes, you can start the process again.

The purpose of this activity is not only to help you decompress but also to improve your mood by focusing on something that makes you feel good about yourself regularly — just like responding “so” to any situation in life.

Chakra Meditation

The practice of meditating on one’s chakras is known as chakra meditation. It’s a meditation, and while you can do it alone, it’s more beneficial to do it with a partner who can listen to and reflect on your thoughts.

Chakra meditation is practiced to balance one chakra at a time through the mind-body connection. Yoga positions like the downward dog and the cat/cow are popular for this meditation because they enable us to feel a stronger connection to our lower bodies, allowing us to more fully open our chests and lungs by using proper breathing methods.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation is a powerful technique that can improve your mood and overall well-being. It’s a beautiful way to set the tone for the day or encourage yourself when things become rough.

This form of meditation entails thinking warm and happy thoughts about oneself, others, and the entire world. The hope is that doing so will help you remember who you are as an integral part of the universe, increasing your joy in life.


Men should strive to make time in their busy schedules for meditation activities, whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Meditation comes in various forms, and you should find one that resonates with you. This regular practice will increase your awareness of yourself and the world around you and in turn, your potential for happiness.



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