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Acid Rain Water: The Crisp B-12 Packed Water Fueling Your Best Life

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Amidst growing confusion over nutrition labels and the misleading portrayal of sugary, artificial drinks as healthy options, Acid Rain Water has emerged to disrupt the beverage industry.

Founded by Jason Paulus, the rapidly growing brand of vitamin B-12 injected electrolyte water is designed for anyone wanting to better their health–and have a great time doing it. 

The Acid Rain Water story began nearly 10 years ago, when Jason made a commitment to fueling his best life by committing to sobriety, a consistent gym routine, and a healthy diet. However, despite his many positive changes, Jason continued to experience symptoms like fatigue and brain fog. Research revealed that he was vitamin B-12 deficient and experiencing endocrine disruption from single-use plastic bottles. Adding insult to injury, Jason also found himself struggling to find a social drink that aligned with his healthy lifestyle. The only non-alcoholic options were sugar-filled sodas and plastic water bottles. Unwilling to compromise his health for a night out with the guys, it left Jason with one option: to avoid social gatherings all together. That sparked the idea of creating the ultimate multi-tasking water–one that looked cool enough for parties and made choosing healthy easy, sexy, and fun. 

Jason Paulus

Jason’s exceptional vision for Acid Rain Water goes beyond serving as a nutrient-dense, additive-lacking product. It reflects his mission to replace toxic plastic water bottles with infinitely-recyclable cans that are free from harmful chemicals. With its crisp taste and commitment to health and sustainability, Acid Rain Water empowers people to discover their best selves in a simple and convenient way.  

After all, Jason’s dedication to sobriety wasn’t only about quitting alcohol and the delights derived from his healthy lifestyle. It was about avoiding the common repercussions that come with booze. Gone were the days of hangovers that took a full day to recover from. Instead, Jason could crush a 5:00am workout and slay his busy workday. He was keeping it clean, which meant feeling better, doing better, and living his best life–in every way possible. Today, that mantra is a huge part of what Acid Rain Water is all about. Nearly two years later, the words “keep it clean” are written on every can to serve as a reminder to improve your health–and help the planet while doing it. 

Jason dove right into developing the Acid Rain Water brand. His previous experience in utility infrastructure, installing and repairing water and sewer pipelines, gave him a unique understanding of water quality and the importance of keeping it clean. By combining his background, knowledge, and newfound enthusiasm for healthy living, he knew exactly how to build Acid Rain Water from the ground up and ensure its success. He was determined to prove that with Acid Rain Water, you don’t have to choose between fun or function. You can have it all. 

As Jason and his team set out to grow the brand, that entrepreneurial grit was tied into everything they did. Acid Rain Water’s efforts began with consumer outreach through grassroots efforts, distributing product samples at local events and alongside shops in SoCal hot spots. Its many health benefits, like increased energy, faster recovery time, and improved cognitive function, quickly caught the attention of many. The brand went on to partner with Bloodline Sports before expanding its presence to renowned events like the Newport Beach Film Festival. 

But it wasn’t just consumers who noticed Acid Rain Water. It quickly piqued the interest of national retailers and distributors as well. Today, Acid Rain Water is available in thousands of popular stores across the country. As it continues to expand, Jason remains at the forefront as someone who just wants to pay it forward. His goal is to assist others in transforming their lives, mirroring his own journey, and demonstrating that fueling your best life is easier than you might realize–one can at a time.


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