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Staying Clean After Breaking The Addiction

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If you can say that you have accepted you have a problem, and that you’ve gone through the detoxing process, congratulations. This is something to be really proud of and use this pride on your road to recovery. However, it was only one battle out of many. You see, the war will most likely continue for the rest of your life because that is the consequence of addiction. Once it sinks in, there will always be a vulnerable part of you, which is why relapsing happens so often.

The fact is that you’ll be tempted, and it won’t always be possible to avoid these temptations. And you are going to feel overwhelmed because all you really want is a way to escape. More specifically, your addiction activated triggers that kept you in the habit. And if you can find these triggers, half the war is won.


The 5 Things You Can Do To Stay Clean During Recovery


  1. Recognize The Triggers


You need to get analytical here if you want to recognize as many triggers as possible. Naturally, everyone will have their specific triggers, although there are some common ones depending on the substance you were addicted to. These include going into a bar or when you get a salary in your end. It can even be stress related, like coming home from a very hard day at work. Even boredom can be a trigger, so try to get all of them. Don’t forget to use all the resources provided to you. Reach out to facilities like the Wellington alcoholics anonymous group to help track down those triggers.


  1. Know Your Enemy


Do your best to get to the bottom of your cravings or triggers, seeing as they have more power than you think. And don’t think for a second that you won’t face them on many different levels. But the more understand them the easier they get to control suggest this Austin rehab center. More importantly, you should have a plan in place to deal with them.


  1. Go Through Your Plan


In order to know if your plan is going to be effective, try a little role-playing in the mirror. Tell yourself what you are going to do to distract you from triggers and cravings, and play out the scenario in your head. Vividly see yourself overcoming the craving or trigger. In this regard, the php drug rehab may help for a long-term recovery.

  1. Live A Healthy Lifestyle


In many cases, your emotions are a result of your body’s state of health. If your body doesn’t have energy, you’ll feel depressed and weak. But when you feel energized, you are more optimistic and better able to control your cravings. Keep in mind that if the body is in a healthy place, your emotions are going to follow.


The point is you want to stay within a positive mindset for as long as possible. And the best way to do this is to avoid falling into bouts of depression. Socialize more, start exercising, eat better, all these things help with staying clean.


  1. There Is No Point In Testing Yourself


Even if you think you have the control to walk into a bar and not have a drink, why test yourself? This is a trigger you have recognized, but how many other triggers go with it? Maybe the atmosphere of the bar and company you keep are triggers too?


Don’t put yourself through something that can see falling back into a dangerous habit. Instead, avoid those temptations and get a “trigger” plan in place.



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